Blow Your Mind: Experiences That Affect Your Neurons Forever

Warning: Your life will be at risk if you apply what you read in this article. Proceed at your own risk.

Ah the neurons, 100 Billion of them working together as a perfect team to make your brain the marvelous piece of bio machinery it is. All experiences you have are written down in stone inside the brain. They are never erased, just “forgetten”, neurons slowly start to unlink themselves to neurons who store experiences that are rarely accessed.

Some experiences are stressful or traumatic or positive such as winning a great prize and all of them kick the brain into the zone of 100 Hz or higher and the experiences last a lifetime, all experiences last that long, but these ones can be remembered consciently anytime you want to.

Blow #1: Win a very big championship, the praise, the proud, the reward system, all of them act directly in the brain front cortex, in the logic information processing area, and this cause effect thing will make it want to work harder in the future to get more rewards (source: BBC).

Blow #2: Very stressful situations. Have you ever felt woking like if you had a gun pointed to your head? I had that feeling once when I was finishing high school and in three months I passed over two years of math exams, all in three months. This fact is not to brag about myself. I had to do that else I would not get the high school certificate and lose three years of my life because that professional course was going to end that summer, in 2008. Stress, time clocked work and a great potential loss makes the brain work day and night to accomplish things. In some sites you can see the 100+ Hz brainwaves connected to high stressful situations. Maybe stress is not so bad after all, except it makes the body release more sugar in the bloodstream and to cause neurons to stop doing neurogenesis, that means stopping growing new neurons. On the other hand, Dr. Medina proves that living under dangerous environments makes the brain grow more complex and makes the body grow stronger. Well, you need to try it for yourself and match your life to those results.

Blow #3: Fasting or sleep deprivation, your brain will need to work much harder and you WILL start to hear and to see things that do not exist there. It’s the lack of glucose and the lack of sleep acting in the neurons that makes them process information the wrong way. A terribly good way to see how you just in a truly virtual world created by your brain alone. A world that can be changed with a few drinks or some food. Are those drinks or those foods not natural? Are those altered states not normal? They are normal, they just are different from what you experience most of the times and by most people. If you live in the middle of junkies, the altered state of mind is the normal thing, the heroine is their food, but they die much faster so join that way of life only if you are suicidal or just don’t do it at all. There are other ways to experience highs.

Blow #4: My personal favorite. It’s called danger. Dangerous situations makes our brain, all our cells, even the core DNA to do their first and most important job of all: To survive. When you are in dangerous situations the body will automatically shift into a life or death situation, in a all-or-nothing state and you will experiences the highest states of mind and all the brute force your body is able to. Examples? Cornered animals, moms that can lift cars to take their babies out of them after accidents. So many other examples.

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