Body Mass Index for Women is Between 19-24

Body mass index for women is between 19-24.

Not a few couples who choose to delay having a baby to a career and more established financially. True that pregnancy is necessary to plan, but the pregnancy at the age of maturity have a higher risk.
Chances of pregnancy at the age of 35 years is smaller because the number of eggs is reduced. Like it or not, but every woman is born with all of its eggs and each one will be issued every month during menstruation.
In Asia, 80 percent of people estimated to suffer from infertility. Some countries are facing the most severe fertility problems are Singapore, HongKong and Macao.
Beyond the age at marriage is increasingly shifting, Nadkarni said there are many factors that lead to decreased fertility, such as lifestyle, health, and environmental pollution.
Excessive obesity is a major cause of the difficulties many couples conceive. Ideally, body mass index for women is between 19-24.

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