Brain Blips

Oregano leaves instead of mint in the tea, and today baking soda instead of powder in the pizza dough…is that just my brain getting old?

There was something definitely wrong with the pizza that I made for supper today. (Supper is Canadian for the evening meal).

I make pizza with a baking powder biscuit dough. It is the recipe that my mom used for homemade pizza dough, and I am a creature of habit. I’ve been making pizza with my mom’s recipe for almost thirty years now, but it has never turned out hard and dry and dark like this before. After a couple of bites, I recognized the soapy taste of baking soda.

Baking soda instead of baking powder – I don’t think I have ever made that mistake before. And last week, I made mint tea with oregano leaves by mistake. Early signs of dementia? A side effect of my Parkinson’s medications, perhaps? Or am I just getting sloppy?

Excuse me now – I just remembered a phone message that I forgot to pass on to my husband. 

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