Breast Cancer Survivors – What Does Losing Weight Mean

Breast Cancer Survivors – What Does Losing Weight Mean.

Breast cancer survivors – what does losing burden mean? 

Yo-yo dieting. Can you relate? For breast cancer survivors it’s a double entendre. 

My burden has flip-flopped for many years, long before geting my first breast cancer diagnosis. Not that i was very heavy to begin with, or gained huge sum of burden. I’m speaking about that extra pesky 15-20 pen around the desire on my 5′7″ frame. 

Much of that burden gain is due to obsessive overeating, a binge malady with which i have fight since teenage years. My mother would chide me at sixteen for eating a quart of ice cream when i got home from teach, when dinner would be in two hours. And when i get three easter baskets every year, i wouldn’t just bite off the chocolate bunny’s ears. I’d ingest the whole thing along with a few marshmallow eggs for good step an hour before a meal. 

Things only became worse when i got wed and had kids. The boys always had sweets in the house, so sneakiness mom would grab a stash of cookie or a quart of ice cream on her way upstairs to her computer. I even stole candy from my sons’ rooms, always vowing myself that i would reload their stock. I’d also gulp down chocolate chips-intended only for cookie dough-straight from the bag in which they came. 

I idea my diagnosis of breast cancer, the estrogen-receptor-positive kind, would put a stop to bingeing on high-fat goodies. Because estrogen is made by fat cells. I needed to reduce my fat intake to quell any cancer cells that might lurk in my body. My burden zoomed up during chemo care, as does the burden of most breast cancer survivors, but i got it under rule soon after chemo ended by resuming my use regimen. 

At least until i get a second diagnosis of breast cancer at 52. 

The pathology of this second tumor permit the “big-guns” chemo that made me gain about 15 pen. The added cargo proved hard to shed this time as menopause sank in and age crept up on me. I believed, however, that my covert snacking could stay because i was taking a daily estrogen-depleting drug arimidex to ward off a return. Surely this drug would attack any estrogen cause by my fat cells. But i couldn’t help learning those item telling a higher risk of return in overburden and obese women. Was i regard overburden? Not according to my body mass index and the norm intern graph. Still, my dress were groping tense and tense, not only on the base, but on the top. Now was the time either to clean out my wardrobe of all the size-8 jeans and other accoutrements that went with the slim form, or actually try to reduce. 

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