Breast Cancer Treatment Has Improved

All surveyed hospitals now have the means to ensure the operation of the final diagnosis.

The care in breast cancer has improved in recent years. The percentage of women after breast-conserving surgery should be under the knife again because the tumor is not completely removed, between 2007 and 2009 fell from 12.1 to 8.9 percent.

According to a research report that the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) published Thursday.
The IGZ further notes that the diagnosis has improved. All surveyed hospitals now have the means to ensure the operation of the final diagnosis.

That improves the quality of care benefits because the patient quickly know where she stands. There is also now widely consultations between doctors of different disciplines about the diagnosis and treatment plan to follow.

Furthermore, almost all hospitals were the bargain that a limited number of surgeons performing breast cancer operations. In which way do the doctors who perform the surgery is routine and there is sufficient experience with it, the risk of complications.

However, hospitals better track how often each individual surgeon for each year a breast cancer patient on the operating table gets. The inspection requires the Dutch Society of Surgery (NVH), the professional association of surgeons, before a standard to be determined.

Now there is no standard for the minimum number of breast cancer operations per year that a surgeon to perform. CZ developed its own standard and published it on that basis in October a list of hospitals where the care would be below standard. That step came the company a lot of criticism, even where the inspection that the standard CZ wield was misguided.
NVH said in a reaction that the call of the IGZ to a better quality recording to subscribe.The association will not only look at the performance of the surgeons, but also those of other specialists involved in caring for cancer patients.

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  2. Great share for the number 1 killing disease of women. Everyone should be aware of it.

  3. I hate cancer. It killed my mom a few days before Christmas, 15 years ago…

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