Carrot Addicts May Turn Orange

Carrot addicts can have orange skin on their feet and hands and bad cases find other body areas turning orange too.

We all know about alcohol, drug and tobacco addictions but it is also possible to become addicted to the simple carrot. Scientists say that this is a rare addiction to the beta carotene in the carrots and that addicts may have orange abdomens and the soles of their feet and palms of their hands may turn orange.

One man, aged 40, from UK, had started to eat carrots when he stopped smoking. He ate more than five bunches of them per day (but nobody says how many there were in each bunch). He said that when he was not eating carrots, he thought about them all the time. According to psychiatrists, withdrawal of the carrots made him extremely agitated and unable to relax.

A 49 year old, Australian woman, was under a lot of stress in her personal life and started eating carrots when she stopped smoking. Withdrawal of them caused insomnia, nervousness and irritability.

A lot of research has been carried out into excessive eating of carrots as part of a food fad but very little is known about addiction to them. It has been shown that the anti oxidants in beta carotene can help in the treatment of other addictions by increasing the body’s ability to transport oxygen around the cells. This has worked well with nicotine addiction, but the case of the Australian woman and her substitution of carrots for cigarettes, has led psychologists to wonder whether there is more to this than the actual beta carotene content of the carrots.

Don’t get the idea that eating carrots is likely to get you addicted though. For most people carrots are a highly nutritious root vegetable and a perfect carrot should be firm with a smooth skin. One 8oz glass of carrot juice contains 20,000mg of vitamin A. They also keep for weeks in the refrigerator.

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  1. Very informative.

  2. I have never heard of this before. Fascinating article!

  3. I like carrots but not enough to eat that many, good reporting.

  4. Very interesting. I heard you could turn orange from eating an overabundance of carrots but I never knew it to happen. I thought it was only a prediction.

    Good article.

  5. Funny you should write about this. When I was living in NY I remember hearing in the news that a man was on a carrot only diet and when he died his skin was orange. He had to have eaten a lot of them, I would think.

    Interesting article.

  6. Thanks for the information. At least being addicted to carrots is a healthy addiction.

  7. #6 That’s just the point, Jack, carrot addiction isn’t healthy. You can poison yourself with vitamin A and beta carotene. Too much vitamin A is lethal.

  8. Very interesting, I remember being young and hearing my mother say something about being careful not to eat too many carrots or I might turn orange! She always said ‘Everything in moderation.’
    Great information!

  9. I thought that it would be hard to eat enough to die, but that people who eat carrots and drink carrot juice can poison themselves. Great article.

  10. I didn’t know that you could turn orange by eating too many carrots. Good thing I don’t like them that much.

  11. It is strange but very interesting!

  12. great article Louie! I didn’t know that you could turn orange from a carrot!

  13. thanks for the information, as a matter of fact i drink 2 or three glasses of carrots juice a day,

  14. Now there is something to explain my embarrasing habit. I eat a lot of carrots, and have been for about 5 years. I go through around a bag a day, and my skin is getting worse. I cover up my palms and soles. I HATE it. But everytime I try to stop for a couple of days I get overwhelming cravings – almost like I’m thirsty for something – even though I drink water. I never realised (although now it seems so obvious) that I could have an addiction.

    It feels weird and embarrasing.

    Think I should go to the doctor?

  15. very interesting..i didn’t know that you could turn orange by eating many carrots..i feel so sorry..thanks for the information..bye..!

  16. I too am addicted to carrots and have been for 11 years. Ive been able to quit smoking, but I cant kick the habit with the carrots. I have eaten a pound a day for years. Its a struggle to quit. When I pass a grocery store, I think of them. At a party I always go for the baby carrots on the veggie tray. The first thing I do when I get home is eat carrots and its the last thing I eat at night. Most of the time I eat so many I get nauseated. It’s crazy. Being a woman of color helps keep my “orangeness” to a minimum. However the palms of my hands are orange and so are the soles of my feet. My skin is brown but it does have a bronze hue to it. I believe the whites of my eyes are now starting to be effected. I’ve been to see my doctor and have discussed it with friends and family. Everyone usually either laughs or makes light of it because it is a “vegetable”, and their healthy. Its no joke for me. I really need to stop. Too much of anything is NOT good for you. A pound a day for 11 years. I need help. Its good to know Im not alone.

  17. I have turned orange lately, like an oompa loompah, I swear! I have been sitting here for a few hrs now, all the while I want to get up & eat the cold crunchy orange goodies in the fridge.

    I have been eating them for 5 yrs off & on, but nothing like the last 2 months. For the last year I have been eating the baby carrots, which are crap. Then I started on the real one with the greenery still attached. And oh boy! What a joy! The surgary cold crunchiness of them is fabulous, but I’ve turned orange, palms & limbs.

    I dont even eat that many, just like 4-6 carrots a day, maybe I over did it for 2 wks lately, ate more like 8-10 a day, that pushed me over the orange edge. It all started when i started eating them in the car to & from work, then it became anytime I drove.

    I gotta get a carrot now. My hands are pinking up, not so orange these days, I have mixed it up with celery.So one little carrot now isnt gonna hurt me so bad, right?

    Damn it! I am addicted! LOL, bummer, and I like them so much. Will I turn green from the celery? Is anyone addicted to that?

  18. I started eating carrots daily a few years ago when I was feeding my birds with them. Today I have no more birds but I can’t stop with eating carrots. Have I become an addict? I never drink juice or eat cooked carrots and I’m making efforts not to eat more than 3-4 pieces a day, but I can’t be without them. I’ve tried to eat celery, turnip or apples instead, but never get relaxed until I have my daily dose of carrots.
    Fortunately I haven’t yet noticed any sign of turning orange, but it was very interesting to hear about that.

  19. I like carrots. Great for keeping my weight in check because I always need something to nibble on. I just like cold crunchy things. Some people may hate radishes but I love them and eat them in moderation with carrots. I’ve had a history of getting addicted to things I started. I never tried smoking and only drank when I was young, and now I’m too afraid of starting because I just recently got addicted to carrots!!! Interesting article though.

  20. Ummm yea cool who doesnt enjoy being orange?

  21. I can not believe what I am reading here. Is this true.!? I do really believe it, because I started juicing a few days ago with carrots and found that their may be a problem with it. I put on a white shirt last night for bed and sweated ,also sprayed water on me because it was so hot and humid when I went to bed. I woke up this morning with orange stains on my white shirt. So the first thing that came to my mind was,” wow” can this be for real that the carrot juice that I drank is coming through my pores as I sweat and turning my clothes orange. Well after reading these posts, I believe it is possible.WOW,WHAT A STRONG VEGGIES!

  22. This is very informative, louie. I eat carrots all of the time, but I didn’t know this. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  23. Fascinating. I used to work with a guy who would eat 1 lb of carrots every day for lunch. He used to be a smoker but took up eating carrots in place of smoking He NEVER ate anything else at lunch. I have no idea what he ate at home for breakfast and dinner though.

  24. Yup~ same here. I believed that I was the only one with this carrot cravings! I must have at least a bag a day. I too am a woman of color, so my skin does not appear to be an orange color, however it is really clear with a bronzed hue to it. My palms as I look at them do appear orange. So who knows, but I do like the fact that there are others like. me And after speaking with my doctor he reassured me that carrots do not contain the amount of vitamin A ~ to cause poisioning. So that is a myth, not a fact.

  25. what complete and utter rubbish. you cannot turn orange from eating carrots! can you turn green from eating peas? no. i can’t belive all you people actually think that you can. the writers must be wetting themselves laughing at everyone who thought this was true (unless they’re as stupid as you lot are).

    ps i am referring to everyone who believes this nonsense.

  26. I am now 62 but when I was 43, for no apparent reason I started eating raw carrot. At first I just laughed and joked that I was getting my pregnant daughters cravings. However, my cravings got worse and worse until for the last year I was buying a couple of pound at a time. I used to chop them into slices and put them into a bag like sweets. I smoked at the time and if someone asked me which I craved the most, it was the carrots. I even got to the stage where I was hiding the peeled skins incase I ran out of carrots and I would drool over the fruit and veg stalls. The palms of my hands, soles of my feet and eye whites started to turn yellowish orange.
    I went to my Dr. who didn’t seem too worried and even laughed. I was having some womens problems at the time and was found to have a very low iron reading. I was taken into hospital a little while later and was given 2 pints of blood. From that day on I didn’t have another carrot craving. I honestly think that my addiction was hormone related (similar to a pregnant woman).
    I still eat carrots now and again but only the same as everyone else.

  27. This is easy to do if you drink a lot of carrot juice.

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