Carrots for Fresh Breath

Got rank breath? Try eating a carrot!

Carrots are undoubtedly good for you, and they have one other good use that can be added onto their resume. Carrots are natural breath mints.

Munching on a carrot after consuming garlic, smoking, or drinking coffee absorbs the lingering scents and the abrasion of carrots eradicates germs and bacteria that help make bad breath a real annoyance, on top of giving your teeth a good cleaning.

Carrots aren’t just used for building better eyesight. Munching on a carrot, or even apple slices can help keep you from building tooth decay, can keep cavities at bay, and fights off the bacteria that causes bad breath, gum disease, and unhealthy teeth. Eating a carrot (or a crunchy apple) is better for treating your breath after meals and smoking than even chewing sugarless gum or a mint, which do more to mask odors rather than absorb and eliminate odors.

So the next time you’re concerned about your breath, munch on a few baby carrots before you pop in the gum or a mint for the freshest breath possible.

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