Characteristics of Young Pregnant Women

Young pregnant.

Characteristic feature of Pregnant Women Young – Feeling anxious when the schedule unexpectedly delayed menstrual cycle changes because they do not feel the time has passed over once weekly. Getting upset just because they do not eat particularly fond of the morning, what is it? stomach at night it was still disgusted. It felt weakness from not eating, feeling increasingly depressed as the days are getting harder to eat. whether this characteristic feature of a young pregnant woman? want to buy a tester for pregnant women because of fear of age are still not enough? feeling guilty and depressed is increasingly becoming so. Chen Chen suggestions you better quickly do a urine test for pregnancy tests are sold in pharmacies that have are brand sensitive.

The following is a characteristic feature of Young Pregnant Women:

Frequent nausea stomach suddenly and can be continuously

Not fond of Eating

dizziness dizziness

Always wanted to be close to the couple

Berkunang sometimes wistful eyes glow

Only wanted to sleep

The belly bulge

traits that characterize a young pregnant woman for those of you who do not know. based on personal experience alone. An individual may have some cause and effect with other factors, namely the lack of food and stamina.

We also recommend that the content you are healthy to eat nutritious foods, vegetables and animal protein are sufficient. if necessary, add milk formula for pregnant women.

If the complaint is not found naturally then do not hesitate to consult with an obstetrician. In addition to that in Surabaya has many specialists who practice in state-run health centers. so you do not have to worry about when it hit the high cost of the consultation

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