Chemicals Contained in a Cigarette – Irritating, Toxic and Carcinogenic

There is no other drug on earth that is made with so many different chemicals and nicotine.

There is no other drug on earth that is made with so many different chemicals and nicotine. I speak of hazardous substances that cause cancer. They are used to stretch the nicotine is enough to strengthen your addiction to it. Learn more about the dangers of tobacco industry is willing to expose yourself. 

Well now, we first take a look at the plant. Tobacco is the plant that cigarettes are made out. This means that the combustion of tobacco leaves and inhaling the aerosol is produced, smokers inhale all the chemicals contained in cigarettes. 

The enormous amount of more than 12,000 different chemicals in a cigarette making division needed to be able to keep an overview. Hundreds of these chemicals are toxic and over 40 can cause cancer. We divide these substances into four main groups of substances. The groups are irritants, the blood of toxic substances, neuro-toxic and carcinogenic substances. 

1. Irritants 

Irritating substances such as ammonia affect the system of self-cleaning lungs, which is intended to eliminate all forms of dirt and dust particles. The end result is a lung of the massive pollution caused by continued inhalation of chemical irritants. 

2. Blood of toxic substances 

Blood of toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, which can in exhaust fumes replace oxygen in red blood cells. The result of this effect is that the body is unable to accumulate enough oxygen causing an oxygen supply. The main symptom of this process is a breath after physical exertion.

3. Neuro toxic chemicals 

Neuro main toxic substance in cigarettes that has an effect on the body is to nicotine. It takes an effect on the brain by increasing the amount of nicotine receptors in the so-called “reward system” that produces dopamine. The result of the whole process is the possible dependence on nicotine that smokers feel as a strong urge to smoke a cigarette. 

4. Carcinogenic chemicals 

Chemical carcinogens are the last group of substances. As the name implies, these substances can cause cancer. Some of them are just part of the tobacco plant, others are added to the factory for the effects of several years. One of those substances added to tobacco benzopyrene. The purpose of this chemical is to make the smoke smoother and easier to inhale deeply. In this way, it is intended to strengthen the addiction to nicotine, because the body is then able to absorb more nicotine. 

There are many chemicals in cigarettes, which were relatively unknown effects on the human body, but as nearly 20% of the 12,000 chemicals in cigarettes are harmful, you can be sure that at least 20% unknown substances are harmful too. The only effect to prevent dangerous substances from entering your body is to stop smoking as soon as possible.

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