Chemicals in Foods Can Cause Premature Puberty in Girls

Chemicals contained in food cans, nail polish and shampoo can be found to justify an earlier scientists onset of puberty in girls. In addition, girls are said to be due to these chemicals at greater risk of cancer or diabetes.

Scientists studied phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens used in packaging products as well as perfumes, lotions and shampoos and concluded that these substances are harmful by the body dangerously manipulate hormones. The polish of these substances increases the shelf life, in perfumes, toilet waters, or shampoos smell again increase. Some substances are also used to increase the flexibility of plastics such as upholstery fabrics are used in medicines and vitamin supplements.

In Europe there are phthalates in cosmetic products is prohibited in the United States are admitted, says The Daily Telegraph. A study of the effects of these three hazardous substances that were tested in 1151 adolescent girls revealed that a particular cause in a number of problems during puberty.

Early puberty moth mean complications

Mary Wolff of the medical faculty at Mount Sinai in New York said: Research has shown that early pubertal development in girls may have negative social and health consequences, including cancer and diabetes later in life. Our research highlights the link between the chemicals to which girls are exposed to daily. Although it will need further research, these data are still very important to evaluate the impact of external influences on the health of girls. The study began in girls between six to eight years, and aged between seven and nine years of their urine samples were analyzed for the presence of phenols, phthalates, and phytoestrogens. The study published in the monthly Environmental Health Perspectives showed samples of all three types of chemicals whose long term impact is associated with the onset of breast development. The strongest links were found for phthalates and phytoestrogens, which also occurred frequently in the samples.

Scarecrow on behalf of cancer

While phthalates found in the toilet water or detergents can cause early growth of breast and pubic hair phenol two phytoestrogens and phthalates found in construction products plastic pipes or conversely may be associated with delaying puberty. Dr. Wolff also said: We believe that at some stage of development of mammary gland is very vulnerable to its exposure to those chemicals can affect the incidence of breast cancer in adulthood. The same is true for diet. Yet to be demonstrated how much influence it is.  In connection with previous studies, researchers also found that BME body mass index plays a role in the onset of puberty. Almost a third of overweight girls were found which is also one of the indicators of early breast development. Scientists continue to find possible link between diets in adolescent girls with the potential risk of breast cancer.

Exposure to chemicals in girls is very common. Even though the relationship between chemicals and pubertal development seems to be small scale the impact on the overall population is significant.

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