Chest Pains, What Do They Mean?

Have you ever experienced pain in your chest after jogging for a few meters? Have you ever felt shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and sweating after an activity? This may seem normal to you, however, sometimes the problem may be more severe than you think.

If you feel chest discomfort or pain that comes on or gets worse with any physical activity and then goes away when you rest, this maybe a warning symptom of a heart disease. These activity includes but are not limited to exercise, stress, eating a large meal, preparing for an upcoming activity, being frustrated from an unexpected result. This discomfort may go away with rest so you would think it is just normal.

Chest discomfort or pain is the main warning of a coming heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack includes chest discomfort or pain that is crushing and squeezing or feels like a heavy weight on the chest. This is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness or a feeling like you are going to faint, a fast, slow or irregular heartbeat. The pain also spreads from the chest to the back, neck, jaw, upper abdomen, or one or both shoulders or arms. Usually, the left shoulder and arm are more commonly affected.

However, not all chest pains always mean something is wrong with the heart. Some discomfort or pain, especially those who are younger than 40, can have many causes. Some are called chest wall pain. This condition is when you experience pain in the muscles or bones that results from increased physical activity. That’s why it is important that you consult your doctor first before taking any medication if you have an on and off chest discomfort so the right treatment will be administered.

Some chest pains may be due to a simple indigestion or a viral infection than can cause inflammation and pain. This condition is known as Bornholm disease. Pain behind the shoulder blades could mean a gallbladder trouble. Chest pains accompanied by pain in the arms should be taken seriously as it may be angina or a coming heart attack. A sharp, stabbing chest pain and occurs with shortness of breath may be caused by a collapsed lung (pneumothorax). A deep chest pain with rapid development of extreme shortness of breath may be caused by a blood clot in the lung (pulmonary embolism).

It is still best to have a yearly physical check-up to know if there is something wrong with your body at an earlier stage. Many people don’t do it as they are afraid to know there is something wrong with them, however, it becomes more of a problem if you learned that your sickness is already in it’s final stage. It would be more painful, more problem emotionally, mentally and more so, financially. Many diseases are healed when treated early, even cancer. So, if you have not had your physical check-up this year, it is best to get that appointment with your doctor the soonest.

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  1. thank you for this article! I think I have angina because I get pains which are sometimes severe and they go down the arms!

  2. I liked it and I think it will help because I’m getting chest pains and left shoulder pains and it runs in my family for women to have heart attacks or heart disese and I’m only 15!!! So I think I’m going to have a heart attack soon.

  3. nice article, it contains some useful information :)

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  5. Thank you but its not what I was looking for. Im have pain in the middle of my chest its a sharp stabbing pain nd its hard for me to bbreath or move what dose that mean.?

  6. Lately since im getting married. I get a sharp chest pain in my right middle above my breast. It goes away but once wedding stuff comes up it’s back again. Does anyone think this could be stress?

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