“chiong!” for Writers Part One

Learn what this word can do to the health of an online writer, and what to do about it.

Does that word seem unfamiliar? I will be surprised if it does not. It is not an English word but a Chinese dialect. “Chiong” (pronounced as tch-yong)  is a term used to describe a person expending utmost energy in the pursuit of an endeavour. The most appropriate English word to mean the same would be “Charge!” as in a soldier charging towards an enemy/target.

Does “Chiong” describe you as a writer well? Are you a go-getter who will simply toil on endlessly in your pursuit of more articles to write to accumulate wealth and status?

The state of life

Indeed, life today is moving at such an incredible speed. We are always connected online and in order to everyone at Internet speed. Everyone seems in a rush, sometimes you even wonder how Diana Ross knew us so well when she sang:

“Do you know where you’re going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Where are you going to?

 Do you know?”

-The Theme From Mahogany-

For example, I am sure many online authors want to make online writing a success that they rise up to any challenge to create content, day and night. If at possible, some even gave themselves targets such as fifty to hundred articles per day. To me, this is mind-boggling. When will your rest, unless you are just scavenging content elsewhere. Do they write for the love of writing or become a slave to a livelihood. If writing online is to drive ourselves up the wall, why not just look for a usual desk-bound job?

Dangers of “Chiong”

“Chiong” if done right can help fulfill an objective. For example, a sprinter in a race. “Chiong” can kill enthusiasm for lengthy endeavours. It can hurt relationship if the people aspect of your life is neglected in your relentless pursuit.

To “Chiong” means you do not having the time to reflect on your journey. You are too busy doing, and sometimes not thinking. “Chiong” also means we do not take the time to enjoy our achievement. So what if we are overnight success as writers but fail miserably as family members or friends?

So what should we do? That will be covered in part 2, let’s “Chiong” there.

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  1. Interesting topic. I want success, but also enjoy life. Look forward to reading part two.

  2. I am going toward my success slowly but also enjoying what I do

  3. I think I should be your only Triond friend who really understand the meaning of “chiong”, you should know why I can understand it. However, I usually spell it as “cheong”… and usually I will say “cheong ah!”….
    I try to “chiong” for February bonus and badge, managed to get the badge but for bonus, I think I will not “chiong” as I joined Triond with initial plan to write for fun, as I’m not a real writer.
    However, I wish you and all those “Chiongers” successful in their online writing.
    Chiong ah!

  4. Thanks Linda, Chipmunk and Starpieces.

    Linda, part 2 is on the way.
    Chip, you are always encouraging,
    Starpieces, yes I know why you know, but you might not be the only one. There are others like us in here you know. I also write for fun than “Chiong” and get Shaq out. I do wish chiongers all the best too. Why I won’t chiong, my next article (after part 2) might give you a hint.

  5. Agreed! Great share!

  6. I think you have stopped completely! Not enough a single article for so long!

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