“chiong!” for Writers Part Two

In part 1, we learn what this word means and it can do to the health of an online writer. This part offers some suggestions to deal with it.

In part 1 of this article, the term “Chiong” was explained. The article also presents the danger of “Chiong” for writers. So what can we do?

Slow down…breathe

We must first recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The world was created in six, and God rested on the seventh. He might not to rest, but he took the time to see that all He has created is good. Even God knows how to enjoy His creation. How much more should we imitate that practice. God himself instituted the Sabbath, that we may take a day off to bask ourselves in his worship and leave work alone. Learn, really, learn to enjoy our achievement. In the words of Simon and Garfunkel:

Slow down you move too fast,

you got to make your morning last.

Just kicking down the cobble stones

Looking for fun and feeling groovy.

- Simon & Garfunkel’s 59th Street

I know many writers are stretching themselves to create articles after articles. Some adopt the belief “If you write it, they will read it.” The truth is some articles may never get read very much, so learn to live with it. Some are stretching for particular challenges, but at the end of the day overstretched themselves and they look back and wonder if the stretch to meet the challenge was worth the while. If writers are in here for the long haul, we have to remind ourselves this is business, even more demanding than a marathon. A marathon has a definite start and end points. A business hopes to endure as long as we live, or at whatever age we choose to lay down my pens, or rather the typing hands.

Slowing down also allow us to review. This is even more so if we perceive a lack of achievement. How can we strategize if we don’t stop to analyze?


Medical experts agree that rest is paramount. There are tons of documented ill effects on our body from lack of rest, especially lack of sleep. Granted, we do not need to sleep for more than 10 hours. Each individual has their own threshold to observe. Some may require 8 hours, some require more, and some less. The bottom line is however little or much you need, you will still need to rest and sleep sufficiently. The exception might be insomnia, but that could be an outcome of a tensed mind.

            Other known and documented effects include bad mood, lapse in concentration, impatience, bad temperance, reduced body resistance and immunity to virus and many more.

            There has also been known cases of people who do too much and having not learn how to rest and relax, they drop dead the minute there was nothing left to do, for example, after retirement. Rest allows recuperation for the mind and body

Cranking Up Again

            So it’s OK to be idle, even for a while. If you are an athlete, do something unrelated to sports, like taking photography or visiting museum and appreciate art. If you are a writer, stop writing for a while. Take time to read other’s works and gain inspiration, read on search engine optimization (SEO), or draw or a walk in the park with the family. Whatever your profession, choose to do something different: cook, paint, DIY, play an instrument, read, volunteer, meditate, attend bible classes or even go on a spiritual missionary trip. These activities will renew your spirit and mind. Once you are energized, you will come out stronger.

We are not machines. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So, my advice is NOT to “Chiong!” 

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  1. nice article,.keep it up

  2. you are right, don’t be too kan jeong, slow down, quality is more important than quantity…. that’s why tonight I write nothing, also comment very few, as no energy to chiong, just read by random, take my own sweet time….rest now, if later want to chiong, then chiong, now too sleepy, zzzz…. hehe.

  3. Very good! I agree!

  4. Hope you do not write so much, until you are stressed up and end up killing your boss!

  5. Great advice. I am learning how to relax so that I can enjoy life more and have a better performance in writing.

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