Coconut Water and Its Increasing Popularity as a Refreshing Health Drink

Coconut water is a healthy and refreshing drink that rehydrates a person after an strenuous exercise.

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President Benigno  Aquino III’s  working visit to the United States has resulted to investment proposals by American businessmen to the Philippines. Among them is the production of packed coconut water. This sparked strong interest to coconut farmers in the Philippines. Two American Companies, the PepsiCo and the Vita coco, expressed to the president their desire to invest in the production of coconut water which is usually contained in tetra paks or cans. PepsiCo has not given any figure as to the amount of its proposed investment.  Vita Coco on the other hand plans to invest 15 million dollars for the business in the next four years.

Coconut is a palm tree that is endemic in the tropical regions of the world. It has a round fruit with a liquid in its cavity. The liquid in the young green coconut is a food for its developing embryo. The meat of a young coconut is gel like and delicious. It is eaten as it is by scraping it off with a spoon or it is used as ingredient of salad. As the coconut matures the color of the skin turns from green into light brown.  The meat in the cavity hardens and the taste of the water changes. The water of the young coconut is refreshing and delicious while the water of the mature one is bland so that it is not usually drunk. When a mature coconut is split open people just throw the water away or it is collected for use as vinegar.  

The introduction of packed coconut water in the market has given the health conscious Americans assortment of drinks to choose from after strenuous physical exercise. Coconut water is a natural drink that provides a person nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It contains all of the electrolytes that are found in the body such as calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Electrolytes are very important to the human body since they help it absorb minerals. After exercise coconut water rehydrates a person by replenishing electrolytes and glucose especially potassium that his body has lost.    


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  1. very nice share

  2. I love this fruit so much,the tree of life! It is also effective for my UTI.

  3. Love to drink canned coco juice but the fresh one is truly the best. Good article my friend.

  4. I drink it in place of water whenever I am in my south Indian home, where this fruit is available in large quantity. This is not only healthy but tasty too.

  5. very well

  6. Coconut water is amazing on a blazing summer afternoon.

  7. very useful

  8. I love them!

  9. Coconut water in can or in bottle will make this drink more popular. It’s nice to have a healthier option for drinks.

  10. My favorite beverage.

  11. I like coconut water, I often drink the original coconut water while enjoying beach scenery.. In Indonesia also easy to find it..

  12. Very true dude my favorite drink second to coffee.

  13. some persons use it for health benefits!

  14. Sounds rather good.

  15. I like coconut water but the only time I have is when cracking open a coconut.

  16. Wish I had one right now… you made me thirsty!

  17. It’s delicious, but I see very little coconut water.

  18. good post

  19. I love coco shake!

  20. nice one..thanks for share

  21. You have won me over . I am going to look out for this drink in future.

  22. Refreshing drink.

  23. I totally agree. I regular consume 1 every other day. 25 pesos is fair enough for a medium-sized one.

  24. I love coconut water, I just wish I could get it fresh from the coconut. There is only a few times a year, You can find them in the super market.

  25. This is very interesting, I do not think I have tried coconut water but I think it is something I must try.

  26. Thanks for making such a killer article . I arrive on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here! You are great! Very nice article. Congrats, to you *

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