Coffee and Vitamin Depletion

If you drink coffee, you should beware! Coffee will deplete you of some essential vitamins and minerals.

Most people drink coffee everyday and if consumed in moderation can be beneficial to your health. There is however one area of concern, vitamin/mineral depletion. This may only be a problem for those people who drink 2 or more cups of coffee daily. Coffee seems to pull out calcium, magnesium, potassium and choline. If you do not have enough calcium daily, you may get cramps or not sleep well. If you do not get enough magnesium daily, you may become stressed, noises start to bother you, or your muscles will flick. If you do not get enough potassium daily, you may get very fatigued or your hair will feel brittle like straw. If you do not get enough choline daily, your energy may be low and have poor liver function. If any one of these is left un-checked for a long period of time, it may turn into something more of a serious nature. I myself drink coffee on a daily basis and have learned to add in these vitamins/minerals through supplements that I now take daily to avoid any future problems. If you are the odd person who drinks over 6 cups of coffee per day, you will have to seriously up your daily supplements of calcium, magnesium, choline and eat high potassium foods. If you do not like to take supplements, you should conceder lowering your daily coffee consumption.

Coffee does have some good health benefits and many athletes drink 1-2 cups before exercise, as it can really help you get through your workout with less fatigue. Coffee may even help you recover faster from your workouts. Just remember, exercise with use up calcium, magnesium, potassium as well does the coffee. I hope I have helped a few of you out with this information.

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