Coffee Lovers, Drink Your Coffee Without Guilt

How many of us have given up drinking coffee because we were told by our doctors that it was injurious to our health? Or maybe we drank it anyway but felt guilty for the simple pleasure. Well, that has changed and we can now enjoy our coffee. New research has shown that coffee might actually extend lives and lower the risk of heart disease. I call that good news because I am one who gave up my coffee for health’s sake. It’s wonderful to know I can enjoy a good cup of coffee again and it lowers my health risks.

Coffee lovers have been told for years that coffee will raise the risk of heart disease and hypertension but now new research shows that, get this. Coffee is good for your health and those who drink several cups a day live longer than those who don’t drink coffee. So get that coffee pot out coffee lovers and drink your coffee without guilt. Researchers don’t know why coffee drinkers live longer but according to the research they do. It doesn’t matter if it’s caffeinated or decaf.

The study was done on 400,000 people is the largest study to date. Results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study followed participants for ten years and it did show that drinking coffee is beneficial to longer life although it isn’t clear why. It seems to be okay to drink all the coffee you want but remember when you’re drinking that delicious coffee that sugar and cream adds on calories, so for your healths sake drink your coffee black or count the extra calories. Extra calories will cancel any health benefits from drinking coffee. Sad to say nothing comes free.

Research showed that men who drank two or three cups of coffee a day were 10% less likely to die at any age. For women it was 13 %. One cup of coffee every day lowered the risk of death by 6% in men and 5% in women. Researchers are careful to say it isn’t guaranteed that drinking coffee will lengthen your life but there is a connection. Coffee drinkers are less likely to die from respiratory disease, diabetes, strokes or infections but no mention is made of cancer. At least we have learned that drinking coffee doesn’t raise our risk of heart disease and actually seems to lower the risks.

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  1. I am another happy camper knowing coffee is good instead of a health risk. thanks for the update.

  2. very informative and good news for coffee drinkers like me.

  3. Best news for me, thanks a lot.

  4. Yippee for me, I drink a lot of coffee.

  5. Thanks Ruby, I like this, Coffee is a must for me ^_^

  6. Coffee is a good friend in many ways! Great work!

  7. I drink one to two cups of coffee each day. It is also the cure for diarrhea if I suffer any.

  8. I agree with you

  9. Ruby, that’s great news, my coffee pot is back on the kitchen counter, thanks for the update, and welcome back, it’s good to see you here :)

  10. I guess I better get another cup of coffee. Well done informative article.

  11. Yes Coffee sure does have it benefits, great article

  12. I am another happy camper knowing coffee is good instead of a health risk. thanks for the update.

  13. It’s tea that I can’t live without…

  14. A good news for all the coffee lovers…

  15. I heard on the radio once, the DJ said that coffee can help to prevent cancer , I don’t know if it is true or not. I love drinking coffee, it completes my day.

  16. That’s good news.

  17. I could not give up coffee even if it was bad!!!!

  18. Like my coffee! Good article.

  19. Ruby, your article is really nice and seems well researched! Thanks.

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  20. I love coffee. I’m usually a two cup drinker.

  21. Several cups a day is my way…

    According to another study, published earlier this year, coffee also staves off depression – so get brewing!

  22. Love my coffee. Can’t live without it.

  23. I must be the only one on Triond who does not like coffee. But thanks for telling me, I will tell my uncle and rother in law who makes coffee after dinner when we are there. I do not know if he does it every day though…well now he can because he is looking out for his health since daddy died a month before he turned 71 and his mom died at 50. He is quite frightened I think.

  24. I’m not a big coffee drinker but you made good points. If I want coffee, I’d drink it straight, with a bit of honey or stevia (Splenda, like Equal and Sweet N’ Low, are artificial sweeteners) mixed in. A study found that drinking it with even skim milk reduces benefits.

  25. Great share

  26. I would suggest drink your coffee quick before the wind changes again.

  27. Great article and a subject I have shown my Grand Children many thanks. Now they might stop harassing me to stop drinking coffee.
    Kind Regards

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  29. Nice share….

  30. Wonderful news, I never gave it up when i should have, so no longer need to feel guilty!

  31. It improves your memory too.

  32. nice article……!!

  33. Splendid article. Now I really can ENJOY my cups of coffee!!

  34. I Like coffee now and then but I like it with milk, sugar I can do with out,Thanks for the great article Ruby.

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