Contagious to Contagion!

Learn How a disease Spreads and from where!

Sometimes you have a disease but you dont know the source and at the end its just the eyes going down! 

Diseas spreads through several reasons , a sick pig, Hen is injured, or something is expiry but what about a very new Virus, a new disease which has no cure at all but has spread. You must have seen the movie “Contagion”. In that film they show the same, the same virus which has no cure. The whole world is infected the disease looks like a red virus connecting to Human being cells through receptors, making it unbreakable. Well in the movie they show that Forseythia is quiet effective but not that much. So they try to find another cure for that in which one of their own member gets infected. Another member discovers the cure, a vaccine and go to her sick dad to check if she gets infected but it works. Then they give the order to distribute this vaccine to all over the world.

Well in the End they show the Source that where the disease came from. There was a meat in bat’s mouth , then this bat travels to near ranch where pigs are present in large amount. The peice of meat fell down in the crowd of  pig and one of them eats it. Next morning some men comes and take them to resturants for cooking. Now this is the kicking part, the chef was removing the tongue of one pig , just then a man comes and tell that a woman is waiting for you outside, the chef with those disgusting hands went outside and shake hands with that women. Now Thats the Source. From here it becomes Contagious to Contagion

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