Content of Cigarette Smoke

Danger Content of Cigarette Smoke.

Nicotine is a powerful medicine. Nicotine acts on the center of satisfaction in the brain that causes smokers turned on early ratings, but was later pursued by the state of melancholy. Bahawa billing patterns were found to bye the same weight as Cocaine, Amphetamine and Morphine. Nicotine increases the income of a chemical called dopamine and meetings in connection with the emotional centers in the brain. This action is the same as those bye-bye.

Nicotine causes the following changes in the body, It was termasuklah: -

1. Elevated levels of cardiac pulsation.

2. Constriction (reduction) Ducts blood and increase blood pressure.

3. Increased fat in the blood concentration of ASID. This situation will lead to clogged arteries when accompanied with the increase in blood platelet attachment.

Tar impression

 Human smoking nicotine kerana like impression, but most deaths from smoking berpunca nature rather than tar. Tar material when entered into the system to be customized at the heart of a material known as epoxides. Epoxide is also dangerous kerana through actions on DNA which is the unit cell immortal principle, will trigger the growth of abnormal cells in the organ.

Impression of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colorless and easier bercantum with blood hemoglobin versus oxygen. This situation is certainly going to membekalkan menjejaskan keupayaan blood-tissue oxygen to body tissues. To accommodate this deficiency, the heart and lungs have to work even more. Carbon monoxide also pervert the arterial wall and with it, pushing force of heart disease.

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