Convenient Order Postpartum Sex

Convenient order Postpartum Sex.

After giving birth, sex may be performed after childbirth or 40 days postpartum. Obstetrics and gynecology experts suggest that sex may be done in 4-6 weeks postpartum.

Delaying sexual intercourse until after childbirth gives way to the mother’s body to heal itself and restore the state of the uterus and vagina as pre-pregnancy state. This usually occurs more quickly if the mother is breastfeeding.

Perform an intimate relationship with a more careful and pay attention to these 10 things:

A. The time is right.
Tiredness or fatigue is the biggest problem women after childbirth. Therefore, whenever possible, find time for romance with your partner during the day when baby is sleeping. During the day, usually husband and wife is not too tired so they can better enjoy sex.

2. Lubricant.
Dryness of the sex organs can be overcome by giving mothers a special lubricant.

3. Foreplay.
Important to do foreplay before penetration. Even psychologically, women after childbirth requires a longer heating.

4. Positions.
Just hold the desire to have sex with your favorite position because the position is best for the mother after giving birth is a woman on top. This position allows the wife to control the rate and depth of penetration.

5. Contraception.
Do not forget to use contraception to prevent pregnancy in the distance is too close.

6. Kegel exercises.
Mothers need to do Kegel exercises to strengthen postpartum pelvic floor muscles and restore muscle tone in her vagina.

7. Nutrition.
Inadequate maternal nutrition every day as directed by your doctor. It is important for vitality.

8. Spa.
Pamper yourself at the spa capital. It is often effective to change a negative outlook due to the collapse of confidence, such as feeling sexy again, being fat, so consider yourself no longer pull in front of her husband.

9. Role of the husband.
Husband should be able to understand the emotional needs of his wife after giving birth. For example, to accompany his wife when breast-feeding or taking care of her baby, get up at midnight, come help carrying, and massaging his wife when tired. This will make the wife happy, comfortable and more confident.

10. Communication.
Increase the intensity of the intimate communication by both partners. With this, both parties are expected to need each other and become much more closely so that they both feel comfortable and happy.

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