Creating a Repeller Mouthwash Bad Breath Medicines

How to make the drug to the mouth of the betel plant is free of odors and odor can increase confidence.

Betel leaf has many benefits. Betel leaves are usually used to treat body odor and breath,
canker sores, nosebleeds, rashes and sores, and treat vaginal discharge in women. This is because the betel contain an antiseptic substance that can kill germs. The content of phenol in antiseptic properties five times more effective than ordinary phenol. In Chinese pharmacology, known as the betel plant that has a warm and spicy nature. Traditionally they use betel leaves to shed fart, stop coughing, reduce inflammation and relieve itching. In the traditional medicine of India, the betel leaf is known as a warm aromatic substance, an antiseptic, and even improve sex.

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Effects of the active substance contained in all parts of the betel plant is to stimulate the central nervous, stimulate the intellect, increases peristalsis, stimulates spasm, relieving properties of snoring. Betel leaf has the effect of preventing premature ejaculation, deadly fungus Candida albicans, anti-convulsive, analgesic, anesthetic, relieving spasms in smooth muscles, suppressing motion controller, reducing the secretion of fluid in the vagina, suppressing the immune system, liver protector, and antidiarrheal. Betel plant is also known to treat a cough, bronchitis, eliminates body odor, treating burns, nosebleeds, ulcers, eye itching and red, sore and itchy, stop bleeding gums, canker sores, eliminates bad breath, acne, vaginal discharge, and reduce production excessive breast milk.

Ever felt bad breath is not good? If not then start correcting yourself right now. Check if you have bad breath? Yes, it does make oral health care is not easy, but not too hard to do. The mouth does play an important role in communicating with others. But behind it there’s actually easier to prevent bad breath solution to make your own repellent mouthwash bad breath. Why not try making your own? Mouthwash is very easy to make your home, Let us see how to make a mouthwash bad breath is repellent. So, on this occasion I will tell you how how to make a betel leaf into a drug to reduce bad breath and how to use it. as follows:

  • Mouthwash Betel Leaf

Betel has long been used to strengthen teeth. In addition, the betel leaf is also used to maintain oral health. So far, we see a lot of mouthwash containing betel leaves are sold in the market. Actually you can create your own. The trick: wash out a few betel leaves, then boiled with 1.5 cups of water. Once cool, boiled water was used to rinse after brushing.

  • Cloves Repellent bad breath

Inflammation in the mouth, especially in the mucous membranes and throat, can lead to bad breath. One ingredient that may help reduce mouth inflammation is clove oil. To get the properties as an antidote to bad breath, use clove oil as a mouthwash. How: pour boiling oil of cloves with enough water for five minutes, then chill. Use this water to rinse. Do it once a day regularly. Odor will be far from the mouth.

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