Danger of Smoking

Beside Smoke can make you relax and enjoy, It can make you feel like in the hell too!

Various existing research, smoking can harm the human body. The danger, among others, to cause cancer of the lung, throat, tongue, throat and jaw, respiratory disorders, impotence etc.. Hazardous substances contained in cigarettes one of which is nicotine.
Nicotine is the burning of tobacco is the main ingredient of cigarettes. If nicotine is inside the body, the brain can affect breathing, slow heart rate, constrict arteries and cause vomiting. Nicotine also affects the pituitary gland so that it will release anti diuretic hormone (ADH), which works to keep spending urine or urine.
Secondhand smoke is also harmful to the body. Cigarette smoke contains include ammonia, carbon dioxide, also called tar tar, etc.. Cigarette smoke is very dangerous for pregnant women. If the smoke inhaled by passive or active can affect fetal development. Fetuses of mothers who smoke have a substantial likelihood just as congenital heart disease, cancer, etc.. Mothers who smoke also have great possibilities in terms of miscarriage and babies who owned smaller than babies whose mothers did not smoke.
If you already know the dangers of smoking, whether you want to continue to smoke without thinking about the consequences for themselves and others.

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