Dangers of Holding Fart Fart Smells and Why?

Dangers of Holding fart fart smells and Why?

Flatus or the term is called ‘Fart’ a gas discharge process that has been produced in the digestive tract through the anus. Farts are often regarded as an act rude if done in public by most cultural circles, including by culture in Indonesia. Even to simply respect the norms of manners or a part of self-actualization, not infrequently make someone tries to hold farts when in public places. However, do you know how important the process gas from the anus of this expenditure?

Have you ever thought what would happen if the gas is kept stuck in your body? Here we will describe the meanings behind the spending process gas from the digestive tract.

Why Can Happen Farts?
Farts come from the gases contained in the gut. These gases come from swallowed air when a person eat / drink and the result of incomplete digestion of food in the gut. Production of gas in the intestine will usually increase after eating. The gas formed would be brought into the rectum (the end of the intestine) through the intestinal peristaltic movement which also will bring the rest of digestion (feces). Gas atapun feces that has reached the rectum will cause similar complaints, ie discomfort around the stomach and heartburn.

Subsequently to be issued through the anus fart by accident when the pressure in the rectum is greater than the strength of the anal sphincter, such as coughing, sneezing or orgasm or intentionally excluded (consciously) by increasing the pressure of the rectum and anus spincter reduce pressure so that the gas easily get out.

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  1. Please learn first the language in which you are writing before posting an article. It reads like whoever wrote it has never before in his life been exposed to a single word of the English language, and was translating word-for-word without any regard whatever for grammar nor sentence structure. I can’t read this garbage.

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