Dangers of Self Medication

Self medication is very dangerous. Those indulging in it stand the risk of causing harm to their body.

   Self medication is very dangerous  to the body. Every drug has untoward effects and no matter the name given to any drug, the fact remains , all medicines are foreign to our bodies.  Every care must be taken when drugs are introduced into our systems. Doctors are trained to guide patients on the use of drugs. Outside this arrangement any drug taken without doctors prescription is fraught with a certain danger.

   Quite often some individuals read up the literature attached to thess drugs and ironically choose the same drugs for their side effects. An example is the misuse of steriods by athletes.  This important drug  meant to be used as an adjunct in treatment of inflammatory conditions is instead taken by some athletes for the wrong reasons.

   Sedative drugs meant for calming down patients in very tense situations and usually for brief periods, are instead used by some people for prolonged periods for wrong reasons. The real danger in this past time is that the body soon adapts itself to the doses by the abuser and stops responding,  the abuser increases the dosage and as this dangreous race by the abuser continues , the whole system packs up. This is what happened to Michael Jackson.

   The human body is very delicate. Even steel structures do collapse under pressure. If steel structures do collapse think of your body which is like jelly compared to steel. There must be limitations to every medication.

   Another drug people abuse is the so called enhancers, whether sexual or otherwise. Self medicating with these is as dangerous as with the other drugs. The consequences range from defects in vision to cardiac arrest and of course death. Who really needs death from pleasure?

    Since we were not made for drugs,drugs were made for use, it is our responsibility and indeed in our interest, not to take drugs if not prescribed by a doctor. It is also a must oblgation and a duty on the Doctor to be transparently ethical in his dealings with patients on all matters involving drugs’ prescriptions.


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