Dose Birth Control Pills

Dose birth control pills.

Hormonal contraceptives, like birth control pills basically have a high enough level of effectiveness for preventing pregnancy. So, in the event of pregnancy in question, it may be how to use one.

Usually a woman will start using birth control pills on the first day of menstruation and continued for 21 days, then will be suspended for one week. During the time that normally would occur early bleeding, such as menstruation and menstruation less painful menstruation is not normal. After one week of stopping, the rhythm of 21 days begins again.

taking the time between the two birth control pills should not be more than 36 hours. There are certain birth control pills should be taken at the same time each day (pause no more than 24 hours), but there is also a time to drink up to 12 hours can be tolerated.
Dose birth control pills are now low, because it breaks if drinking more than 24 hours, levels of hormones in the blood is low so that its effectiveness is less.

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