Early Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is still a problem because of many myths and lack of understanding. Especially community still lack of understanding the early symptoms of cancer.

Society commemorate 4th of February as World Cancer Day. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world. This year the theme is drawn to commemorate the cancer is Cancer – Did you know?

Understanding the early symptoms of cancer is considered as a very important factor to improve the cure rate of cancer therapy. By understanding the symptoms of cancer, drug therapy may be given as early as possible so the life expectancy is greater.

These are the early symptoms of cancer:
1. Ulcers in the mouth that does not heal
2. Inflexion
3. It’s hard to swallow
4. Cough or shortness of breath
5. Lump in the breast
6. Enlarging moles
7. Changes in the frequency of bowel movements
8. Indigestion
9. Losing weight while not being on a diet.
10. Bleeding of the body lasting more than two weeks.

Immediately consult to a doctor if you experience these symptoms. Although the result is not necessarily cancer, but there is no harm we check.

There are several tests or examinations that can help to detect cancer. Most of the tests are designed to find a common form of cancer in those who has high risk.

Healthy lifestyle can reduce cancer risk. Since the start of exercise, apply a healthy diet, quit smoking, prevent obesity, and abstain from alcohol.

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  1. nice share

  2. My older sister died of bladder cancer and she had frequent bleedings which she attributed to impending menopause. She was misdiagnosed as having kidney trouble and was prescribed drugs for stones, but she did not have stones. Later diagnosis proved she had cancer of the bladder. She lived only two years after that. This is a very insightful article.

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