Eat Onions to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Those who want to improve their libido they peel off a middle size onion, and fry it in a small quantity in butter… Read on to know what else onions can do.

Onions have great aphrodisiac properties. They can make you feel strong and powerful in bed. Those who want to improve their libido they peel off a middle size onion, and fry it in a small quantity in butter until it becomes soft. They add little honey to it and have a teaspoon of mixture every morning. It improves the sexual performance in men and women both.

Besides, fresh white or red onions are a perfect source of zinc and vitamin E.

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Onions have been also proved effective in curing diseases such as high blood pressure; tuberculosis; influenza; asthma; insomnia; vertigo, etc. Onions also help in lowering the blood sugar; in avoiding constipation; and in reducing weight.

Some use onions even to heal blisters and boils. For reducing swelling from bee sting apply raw onion. Women may use it to reduce the risk of osteoporosis while going through menopause.

In India some people eat onion with jaggery; it is an excellent household remedy for curing sore throat.

Cooked Onions lose their nutritional content because of a loss of compound called allicin; but if you eat them raw they are more potent in preventing illness.

You can prepare your own antibiotic by crushing some onions and garlic, and by adding honey to it. Swallow this mixture with water whenever you have cold.

In 1919 flu had killed nearly 40 million people. A doctor had helped many in combating flu just by placing unpeeled onions in a dish in every room. Onions had absorbed the flu virus.

Some people use onion to cure fever. They place cut up onion under the socks. Next morning the fever is gone and the patient recovers.

Onion and garlic placed in the room had saved many from plague years ago.

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