Eating Raw Foods is Scary

For the sake of your health, there are certain foods you should avoid eating raw.

Very few of us will aware that toxins, fungus, mold, yeast, and pleomorphic bacteria ( can be a spherical, rod-shaped, or spiral-shaped bacteria) is found present in most of the raw foods. Therefore, not all foods can be eaten raw. Precautions should be taken against these foods as their toxicological properties have been documented to cause specific diseases and the growth of the specific organ lesions in both humans and animals. And if these raw foods are eaten raw, they will never be ingested properly by our digestive system. Below are some of the listed foods that you should avoid eating raw.

Do Not Eat Raw Fish

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Do not eat raw fish as it has a high possibility of being infected by a type of parasitic worm called Clonorchiasis (Chinese liver fluke or Opisthorchiasis). This snail-looking worm may result in human infection if the infected fish are eaten by humans themselves. This infection is scary as it may spread to the bile ducts in the liver and to the gallbladder.

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When clonorchiasis enters the human body, it will lead our body to cholangitis, an indicative of the inflammation of any portion of the bile ducts which carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder and intestine. The progress of this cholangitis can lead to pain, jaudice (yellow skin), and fever. In some severe cases, it is a consequence of cirrhosis (chronic liver disease), characterizing anatomically by widespread nodules in the liver combined with fibrosis which might later interfere the blood flow through the liver. This makes the liver having problem to carry out essential functions, such as manufacturing vital nutrients, purrifying the blood and detoxifying harmful substances. The recent clinical reports show that people who like to eat raw fish, have 50% higher possibility to have cirrhosis developed in their early ages.

Do Not Eat Raw Crab, Prawn or Lobster (may also include other seafoods)

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  1. yeah, it’s really true, i was a victim… nice article

  2. Educational and informative article.

  3. Excellent information Chan. I will now never again eat raw chestnuts.

  4. Raw meat has never been my forte anyway. Thanks :) !

  5. I admit it, I have been guilty of eating raw spinach, rhubarb and green beans. Thank you for your wonderful information. I will truly be more careful.

  6. Great article. Very informative!

  7. yikes! I don’t want to eat any of that!

  8. Well that’s my lunch in the bin Chan! Good guidelines and sensible information, thanks

  9. But isn’t all raw fish, intended to be eaten raw, flash frozen in the US to kill off parasites ?
    Was told this was true the last 5 years at least.

  10. I’m not a fan of raw foods, and spinach is a surprise to me. We used baby spinach to mix with our salad all the time..Got to be more careful then..

  11. to #9,

    Can you 100% guarantee that the raw fish are not infected?

  12. i agree with you.imformative issue here.

  13. Scary and really dangerouS.
    Great article, well done Chan Lee, thank you for sharing it
    Infinitive kisses and sidereal hugs

  14. You would think there’d be some warning on the bag or something. I ate some undercooked beans and felt ill a while back, and thought nothing of it. Then today, I had 1/4 cup of raw beans, and started feeling the same way in an hour or so after. Guh, if only I had known sooner…

  15. im fond of eating raw fish… salmon specifically… y’know.. the shake sashimi that looks like the first picture..

    am i just lucky not to have experienced pain after eating raw fish?

    maybe there’s just a certain process of cleaning or treating or killing toxins in raw fish when it is to be served as sashimi or sushi?

    but anyways… the article’s really informative.. i just got curious about the raw fish because am a fan… lol

  16. ah yes.. I thought that kale was not to be eaten raw. I have friends on a raw diet and they eat it raw.

    I say.. since it obviously isn’t good for you to eat it raw, then you must have to eat it cooked, meaning you can’t be on an all raw diet, because everyone knows that kale is one of the best foods for you on the planet!!

    I’ll just keep eating mine well steamed :)

  17. This article is 99% bogus
    mass media brain washing
    Most foods in their natural Raw/organic free ranging state are far better then cooking and heating the nutrients to Death
    and causing the proteins to go through a chemical change which may be harmful

  18. i have been eating all of those mentioned foods… Entirely RAW for over 20 years… At this point in my life I contain more vitality youthfulness, vigor, enthusiasm, inspiration and radiant light than that I ever have… The stamina & endurance generated by eating raw is entirely unique to a clean body and mind

  19. Hey this is a great resource, just what I was looking for . Thanks!

  20. ok we get that but is eating raw rice dangerous to your health?

  21. what i freeze the fish, lobster, and the lobsters before eating it raw. will that be safe?

  22. Hi nicole,

    For the sake of your health, you are advised not to eat raw. Because certain foods are infected with germs.

  23. You don’t eat raw fish everyday, not even in Japan, and nobody should feed raw fish to children, or even teenagers, women during pregnancy and on monthly periods should also avoid eating raw fish, ( also women who’s trying to get pregnant), drinking heated Sake is a common practice while consuming raw fish for a reason. Dipping Wasabi doesn’t help as much as people commonly believed, having yogurt might help somehow. Raw crabs and Lobsters you can forget about it, no matter what kind of sauce or Kimji it had been preserved with,anything with shells are haven for parasites, including clams and snails, anything grown from soil or in soil should always be clean properly and eating with care, Chinese fried most things for a reason, organic veggie and raw eating will do more harm than good, worms and bugs, fungus and parasites are what doctors fears most once enter our bodies alive, that’s all I can say, damn me for loving raw fish in Japanese restaurant and raw beef in Korean restaurant, raw clams in any restaurant buffets, plus salads everywhere, if something goes wrong with me, those doctors are going to scratching their heads really hard.

  24. The raw fish argument doesn’t make sense. The fish that are most often eaten raw are marine fish (eg. Tuna/Ocean Salmon), not freshwater fish. Even the diagram cited specifically label parasites infecting freshwater fish. It is true that freshwater fish are most likely to have parasites, but when was the last time you saw freshwater fish served raw?

    Furthermore, the raw fish served in the US is legally mandated to be flash frozen to kill potential parasites before being served. Assuming you go to a proper restaurant that serves raw fish, there should be no safety issues.

  25. Hmm, reminds me of an episode of wifeswap I saw recently, the family ate only raw meat…even chicken…and “high meat” whatever that is.

  26. This article is a complete fear rant. It is true that some vegetables and meat are not meant for raw consumption. The people who usually get stomach aches from consuming raw food is because their body are not used to the diet. If you never drank milk before, then suddenly drank it, you will ABSOLUTELY get a stomach ache. Furthermore, sashimi has the the chance of being infected but that is also why food needs to be taken care off.

    You said in the comment section, “Can you 100% guarantee that the raw fish are not infected?” That is the same as asking, “Can you 100% guarantee that you will not be hit by a car when crossing a street?” You need to be careful and conscious of what you are doing and what you are putting in your mouth. You would not cross a street when there is a red light. It is the same as you wouldn’t eat sashimi if the fish is discolored and the restuarant is not clean. You need to educate yourself more on raw fish consumption rather than promoting fear with one-sided information.

    Speaking about information, it is extremely unwise to send reader to your “sources” where you talk about spinach… because no one ever quotes themselves on scientific facts aside from scientific observations.

    Your article should not urge people to not eat raw food, but inform people about the dangers of it when not PREPARED correctly.

    I would be perfectly comfortable eating a Ceaser’s salad in most United States restaurants but I absolutely would not even think about it in China.

  27. OMG!!! I think if they cut me open, I”ll be filled with the above parasits. I love raw seafoods of ALL type. I love raw red meats. I have eaten all the above things mentioned raw. I also love consuming all kinds of snails. BUT I”m 36yrs old and is still alive. Thank God

  28. Maybe my heavy drinking of alcohol throughout my life has helped. I also wana mention I love drinking hard liquor with these foods. 85% alcoholic.

  29. @nicole – freezing does nothing to protect you. it only puts bacteria and viral strains to sleep, it doesn’t kill them.

    As for this article, there is not one piece of research cited, not one article referenced, not one published paper refered to. DO NOT take this article as gospel, research it further and look at what the facts are before you take this article on face value.

    While i’m aware of the inherant risks of eating “SOME” raw foods, i.e. meat, seafood, ruhbarb, i can’t accept beans and sugar. Considering a lot of what was listed needs to be more carefully disceted, and that in some cases you will require a requisite condition in order to fall ill, i’m going to keep researching.

    While this article recieves a “ok for providing resources for further research”, overall it recieves a massive fail. add some citations and it will get a pass.

    Irrisponsibly written as a human interest piece rather than as an inforamtive artical of value. The article is signed off with the comment “its facts should not be suspicious or doubt”…..errrr thats exactly what everyone should be doing – treat these articles wtih doubt and suspicoun until you have seen the facts from a few sources, and been able to draw your own conclusions – beliving someones opinion is a bad idea.

  30. I just ate papaya salad with raw blue crab.. I hope I didn’t get a parasite. Will I be ok?

  31. I think you will die Rj

  32. Sorry but this article is complete bs

    in Austria everybody eats raw egg all the time same in japan

    In the us millions eat raw sugar

    you sound like a crazy health nut who’s just gone way too far

    please take down this sorry excuse for an informative article

  33. I boked and gagged looking at that raw fish with all the veins! Yuck! I am a \’pig\’ fan of Parma ham though!

  34. I boked and gagged looking at that raw fish with all the veins! Yuck! I am a \\\’pig\\\’ fan of Parma ham though!

  35. Ok I ate a price of raw lobster and swallowed it on accident what will happen!!?

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