Eight Great Fruits for Different Parts of Body

Everyone is well aware of the nutritional values of fruits. But, do you know that different parts of our body will require for different types of fruits? In other words, if the fruit you chose is appropriate to the condition of your body then it will benefit your health. In contrary, if the fruit you ate did not match well with the condition of your body, not only your health is not benefited but also you will feel uneasy and discomfort.

For Those Who Use Their Brain a Lot: Bananas

When we use our brain excessively, it leads to an exhausted body and thus causing the lack of vitamins, minerals and energy within our body. Not only our brain gets exhausted but also causes us to have bad mood. At this moment, when you eat one banana, it can replenish your body with the variety of essential nutrients. The vitamin B6 in the banana helps to suppress depression. It is also good as a therapy for anxiety as it contains lots of magnesium. In short, banana helps to reduce inner tension and pressure by calming down the extreme mood and temper.

People with excessive gastric juices, stomachache and diarrhea are prohibited from eating bananas. As banana contains very high proportion of carbohydrates, diabetes patients are also not permitted to eat.

For Those who use eyes a lot: Papayas

Our retina will get hurt and suffer from the deficiency of vitamin A when it gets exhausted. This is a common phenomenon for those who spend longer hours staring at the screen of computer or television. When this happens, our eyes start feeling dry, itchy and pain. In some cases, our eyes will not stand for the light though the light’s intensity is not so high. If we ignored this situation for certain periods, our vision will become poorer and finally we cannot see clearly or properly even for a dot. But if we eat papaya at this moment, our vision may be improved as papaya contains abundant of vitamin A which is good for our vision.

Besides improving vision, proteinase in the papaya is proved to assist in food digestion and absorption. Therefore, it helps enhancing digestion ability of our stomach and spleen. Papain found in the papaya is also good for the growth of mammary grands and it is said to increase the volume of milk for a breast-feeding mother.

Papaya can cause the contraction of womb so it is not suitable for pregnant mother.

For Those who suffer from anemia or insufficient oxygen supply: Cherries

Easily get tired is always associated with an insufficient oxygen supply, lack of iron in the blood stream and the poor blood circulation. The insufficient intake of iron is one of the major causes that leads female to anemia.

Among the fruits, cherry is found to be high in iron elements. Its abundant vitamin C also helps stimulating body to absorb the iron better. Therefore, if we always eat cherry it can stimulate the regeneration of hemoglobin (red blood cells) in our blood stream. Besides preventing us from getting anemia, it is also great to enhance our body’s immune system.

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  1. Good information. Thank you. We all need to practice healthier eating.

  2. I have also heard that carrots are good for the eyes. Our vet told us to give our dogs carrots since he has trouble seeing.

  3. very gd info

  4. The bananas are very good for our brain. Since I’m a high schooler I have to do a lot of work and when I have my bananas at least twice a day it really helps me be alert and awake and read to think.

  5. Thanks for the information, this will really healp me with my project!!

  6. It didn’t have much but it did help me understand why we need fruits/vegetables in our bodies

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  9. #9 I typed different fruits in google I read about this information I know strawberries are good for your memories,now I found out bananas helps to suppress depression and its therapy for anxiety,for sure I will have two a day.This is a great information.The other fruits you minstioned which is my favorites I can eat,and it helps me other ways.Please don’t stop give us more information.Thank You.

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