Eligible Couples, Target Couples and Couple Protection Rate

Eligible couples, Target couples and couple protection rate.

Eligible couples: An eligible couple refers to a currently married couple wherein the wife is within the reproductive age, which is generally assumed to lie between the ages of 15-45 years. there’ll be a minimum of 150-180 such couples per a thousand populations in India. These couples are in would like of family coming up with services. regarding 20 percent of eligible couples are found within the age group 15-24 years. On a mean a pair of.5 million couples are joining the reproductive group per annum. The eligible couple register is a basic document for organizing family coming up with work.

Target couples: The term target couples are applied who have had 2-3 living children, and family coming up with was largely directed to such couples. The definition of a target couple has been gradually enlarged to include families with one kid or perhaps newly married couples with a view to develop acceptance of the thought of family coming up with from the earliest doable stage.

Couple protection rate: Couple protection rate (CPR) is an indicator of the prevalence of contraceptive practice within the community. it’s defined as the percent of eligible couples effectively protected against childbirth by one or the other approved ways of family coming up with, viz sterilization, IUD, condom or oral pills. Sterilization accounts for over 60 percent of effectively protected couples. Efforts to improve availability and access to contraceptive care in India throughout the seventies and early eighties resulted in a steep rise in couple protection rates.  However, there was no commensurate fall within the birth rate.  Service reports on CPR and SRS estimates of CBR indicate that there has been a gradual decline within the CBR throughout the nineties in spite of the fact fact|the actual fact} that the rise in CPR throughout the nineties has been very slow. this might indicate thateither there has been a reduction in  over reporting of contraceptive acceptance or there has been improvement within the quality of services and applicable contraceptives are being provided at applicable time. throughout 2004-05, the total number of family coming up with acceptors by different ways was as follows.

Sterilization four.92 million

Vasectomy 0.13 million

Tubectomy four.79 million

IUD insertion half-dozen.25 million

Condom users eighteen.28 million

Oral pill users 7.70 million

However 55 percent eligible couples are still unprotected against conception.  As of thirty first March 2000, regarding 79 million couples (46.%) of eligible couples within the reproductive age group 15-44 years were effectively  protected against conception by one or the other family coming up with ways. ..

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