Even The Microbes are So Fond of Women!

There are more microbes in women palms.

Even the microbes are so fond of women!

© 2010 Dr.P.Elayaraja

Women, they are not only the favorites of poets, but also of many microbes. A recent survey conducted on 102 individuals revealed 150 different bacterial species. The number of species in the hands of female individuals was 50 % more than that of the male candidates.

This does not implicate that women are less clean. It might be because of the pH level of the female hands or might be due to the sweat gland secretion that is very different from the males. This may also be a result of the way women wash their hands.

There are in fact more microbes in the palm of women than in her small intestine or elbow. Normal hand wash does not help in getting rid of bacterial flora of our hands. Antibacterial/antimicrobial hand wash soaps and solutions would come ‘handy’. All the bacterial species are not harmful to us and if we were able to find out the harmful and harmless bacterial species, it would create a medical revolution.

Beware gentlemen!!! ha ha ha

© 2010 Dr.P.Elayaraja

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  1. Amazing facts! Never knew I am so full of microbes!

  2. Yay! this is a great information that should be kept in mind. Well, that is why I always have hand sanitizer everywhere I go. The gentlemen should also have one especially if they hold hands with their girlfriends, microbes will interact with each other too and spread! lol.

  3. I think the title of the article is clever. I don’t wash my hands very much. But, my daughter washes her hands 20 times a day and uses hand sanitizer at least 10 times a day.

  4. ok, that is disturbing news. thankfully, I am quite fond of my anti-bacterial hand gel I carry around;)

  5. Wow ! what surprising article. I never knew women are full of microbials. Feeling lucky to be a man. lol. great shoking article.

  6. LOL, a great one

  7. wow, now then I know it…
    so guys don’t touch our hands

  8. if this comment appear twice, is technical fault of Triond…

    oh, now then I know it! So guys, don’t touch our hands!

  9. Very interesting and informing article. Well done.

  10. What a garden of flora! Men have the fauna.
    An interesting awareness.

  11. What a garden of flora! Men must have the fauna.
    An interesting awareness.

  12. What a garden of flora! Men must have the fauna.
    This is an interesting awareness but looks terrible..

  13. What a garden of flora! Men must have the zoo garden of fauna.
    This is an interesting awareness but looks terrible..

  14. New one info came to know by you.

  15. good info well written article

  16. Wow maybe I need to start scrubbing my hand like a surgeon, good article.

  17. Informative article. Oh my! Thanks for the warning. :)

  18. Informative. Something new.

  19. good job

  20. Very thorough article and information. Nicely written and well put together. Great writing style!!

  21. Oh sure, even the microbes are our fan. isn’t that sweet LOL. Good article. Good hygiene does start from your own hands. :D

  22. Fascinating stuff! Nicely written too. :-)

  23. Makes me even more cautious. It really pays to befriend a doctor, lol.

  24. Interesting info and well written.

  25. Ha ha ha, I’m stuck for words ha ha not really I’m just trying to get my head round that ha ha if true then Wow…. cheers for that I should have a few funny conversations on this,

  26. Nice to read your Article, Keep writing more about it. Is is really Graceful and very well written skill. Thanks for sharing.


  27. WOW… total shocker! I would definitely said a man had more!!

  28. Only God alone knows why he made women such an attraction! Great information

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