Eyesight Improvement Exercises

Do you feel strain on your eyes while watching TV, working on the computer or reading? Well, most often these problems are due to eye muscles getting rigid.

Exercises in Eyesight Improvement Therapy

You can do the following eyesight improvement lessons twice or thrice a day. Remember, you should not stretch too much in the beginning. Increase the frequency gradually.
Palming Exercise: Close your eyes gently and place your palms on eyes, so as to impede the light falling on your eyes. Make sure you don’t press your eyes though. While you are palming, do the stomach breathing and imagine about the most soothing and relaxing scenery. When you imagine this soothing scenery, you actually see it. Imagining and actually seeing, both initiate the same neurons. That is why, when you do this palming exercise, you not only relax your eyes but yourself too. Do this exercise for approximately 10 minutes, twice a day, if you can do it thrice a day, nothing like it. You can do it in the morning after you wake up, in work break and before you go to bed in the night.

Eye Movement Exercise 1: Sit relaxed with erect spine, hands on knees. Keep your fingers at eye level, on the left and right side, these 2 fingers will work as guiding objects. Now, try to look at the finger on the left hand side, without straining your eyes, and then try to look at the finger on the right hand side, without any stress on the eyes. No other body part should move except eyes. Breathe gently while doing this exercise. Repeat 2-3 times and close your eyes and relax.

Eye Movement Exercise 2: Sit relaxed with your hands on knees, erect spine, raise your eyes without moving your head and try to concentrate on a point, the point which you can look at comfortably, without trying hard and straining. Repeat this process of raising your eyes and looking at this point 2-3 times. Now, lower your eyes and locate a point on floor and look at it without straining. Repeat the same procedure 2-3 times. While you do this you should breathe normally.

Vision Exercise: This exercise is about shifting your vision at intervals from close to farther points repeatedly. Take a pen or just use finger and place it near your nose tip. Now look at it for a minute, without straining your eyes. Next, move the pen farther and place it at a point where you can see it without any stress on your eyes. Look at it for a minute. Again bring it closer to your eyes and do the same procedure. Repeat it 4-5 times. Close your eyes and relax when done. After practicing this for a few days, you can gradually increase the distance of the farther point. Slowly, you can start practicing to look at objects as far as 10ft away. Gradually, you will notice increase in eyesight improvement stretches.

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  2. Sounds very helpful,if only i could ditch my glasses

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