Facts About Chocolate That Has Not Been Revealed

Facts about chocolate that has not been revealed.

1. Improve energy during exercise
You do not need to consume sports drinks or protein shakes a lot of energy booster is provided for during exercise. Apparently, milk chocolate can relieve muscle soreness after a session of sprints as effective as sports drinks, and provide energy for the athlete to perform endurance session the next day.

2. Menstruation does not cause your chocolate cravings
women often crave chocolate. after comparing pre-and post-menstrual period, it appears that menstrual hormones are not the cause you want to eat chocolate a lot. women who experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome) have a higher tendency cravings. It has something to do with the psychology behind comfort foods. The brown is socially regarded as comfort food, and people crave comfort food when feeling uncomfortable.

3. Not for retaining sleepiness
The statement that chocolate contains caffeine that often lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, the caffeine content of chocolate is very small. Dark chocolate (dark chocolate) as much as 28 grams contains about 20 mg of caffeine, while 28 grams of milk chocolate contains about 5 mg of caffeine. This amount is equal to 226 ml of decaf coffee (without caffeine). Compare with a cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine, even a cup of tea contains 50 mg caffeine.

4. Contain flavonoids
Flavonoids are a type of fitokemikal, which is naturally found in chocolate. because of its unique chemical structure, flavonoids can promote antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory and protective cells. Eating foods rich in flavonoids is said to reduce the risk of heart disease. But to obtain these benefits, choose dark chocolate. The average dark chocolate contains about 60 percent cocoa, and contains 536 mg of flavonoids per 40 g serving. Consumption of 80 milligrams of flavonoids a day can lower blood pressure.

5. Not bad for teeth
There are many who think chocolate can cause cavities. In fact, the reality is quite the contrary. Theobromine, the organic molecules found in cocoa, may help strengthen tooth enamel. Unfortunately, not very useful theobromine in chocolate bars, because the content of sugar and milk will neutralize the benefits to teeth.

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