Facts of Oxygen and Sunlight

The sun bring life will rise. Its rays well bring healing to people.

     Fresh air and the sunshine are medicines everyone gets for free. Man can live for days without water or food, but not oxygen. Our brain cells will die in a few minutes without oxygen. Our environment, the lungs, heart and blood are interconnected with the ultimate purpose of giving adequate oxygen to our brain. Let us always strive to live in an environment that has pure, clean air. Air-polluted streets or crowed city living where fresh air and sunshine are absent are not ideal for good health.

     Life without sunshine is dull and colorless. So is sunlight’s effect on our bodies. The right amount of sunlight will hasten the many healthful reaction in our body, especially in preserving healthy skin, bones, eyes, blood, and kidneys.

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  4. That’s why I like hiking since it helps me enjoy more fresh air and sunshine.

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