Farting in Public

Problems to consider when you fart in public.

When was the last time you were embarrassed in front of people?

May be not at all.

But farting in public can be very embarrassing. Even with your best of the clothes, accessories and gadgets your public image will be in soup. Most of the time it is taken as a humor and given a laugh at, but if you are facing that laugh you will not be comfortable at all.

There are many events where you will be afraid of going in public when your digestive system is not in proper order and you fear of getting humiliated. While hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, attending marriage function, going out on official meeting along with your boss, workout at gym etc.

Have a look at few funny videos on farting here.

Farting humor has been covered very well in lot of movies too where it makes viewers laugh but in reality you can have lot of trouble imagining yourself being the center of all those laughs and glares.

To avoid farting:

Eat your meals at regular time.

Avoid oily and spicy food.

Avoid over eating.

Avoid late night dinner.

Exercise your way for better health.

But if at all you face the problem in public and you are laughed at then you too can join the laugh as laughing is the best medicine. :)

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  1. Oh lol lol funny loved this, thanks for makeing my day

  2. omg…this is the best post ever! haha…i also agree that laughter is the best medicine, but hopefully nobody is sick.

  3. Very funny and quite clever.

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