Five Easy Ways to Stop Headaches

Headaches, everyone hates them. But did you know that there are many easy ways to cure them?

Important to Know: A headache is normally caused when the amount of fluid around your brain fluctuates, or when you are stressed out. To stop the pain, try these steps:

Drink something with caffeine in it.

Caffeine can constrict the blood vessels in your brain, and thus it can quickly end headaches. A cup of coffee or a cola can sometimes stop a headache.

Put ice on your head.

This is definitely a no-brainer. Putting ice where it hurts makes your veins pump blood faster, helping to even things out inside your brain.

Lie down for a while.

Many headaches are simply caused by tension. If you lie down and simple calm yourself, it may go away. Taking a soothing bath or massaging your temples can often help.

Drink plenty of water.

A headache can be a sign of dehydration. You should drink a glass of water to make sure this isn’t the case.

Take some aspirin.

Although some people don’t like to take pills, some Tylenol is a good way to cure a headache. Aspirin contains a chemical that stop the production of prostaglandins (these are made by cells and cause pain).

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  1. I never knew about the caffine one ;) Great article ;)

  2. Just so you know: You say “take some aspirin,” but then refer to Tylenol as “a good way to cure a headache” in the same sentence.

    They are not the same medication, not by a longshot.

  3. any really easy fast way to cure a headache? ahhh help

  4. I get frequent migranes and today I have one that I have had from last night. My kids are on Easter break and want to see a movie today. I would like to do something fun with them today but I don’t know if I can. So if anyone knows anything about a good way to get rid of a headache please write back.

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