Five Tell Signs of a Fertile Man

Bald headed men and those with lots of facial, chest and pubic hair are the men heavily loaded with the arsenal to quickly cause conception.

In many African societies, having children is generally considered the responsibility of a woman and most men tend to out-rightly blame the woman if the baby takes too long to come after marriage. In fact, mothers in-laws are usually the noisiest over these issues, saying, the woman her son has married cannot deliver a grand son for her. Some even suggest that her son finds another wife because the one he married has failed the test.

Recent studies however, do show that men contribute up to 40% of the problems of fertility and this is a significant percentage that can not just be ignored even if some men want to do so. The following are signs a woman can rely on with a greater degree of certainty, to tell if the man she is dating is capable of fathering a baby;

His belly is flat

Androgen or testosterone, a male hormone that defines manhood, is easily catalyzed by body fats-so if your man has plenty of fats around the belly,  chances are that his baby making capacity will be seriously affected.

He is Bald on the head and hairy elsewhere at the same time

Research has confirmed that men with baldness are those with abundant supply of testosterone and therefore, with the desired male prowess to efficiently fertilize a woman. On the other hand however, men with heavy hair in certain specific spots like the chest, beards, armpits, and the pubic area are considered to be loaded with testosterone and therefore very abrasive when it comes to causing conception.

His urethra is well positioned

A man who will take no time in causing his partner to conceive is the one who has his urethra located exactly at the tip of the penis, not down near the shaft. It has been found out by male fertility experts that men who have their urethrae located right at the tip of their male organs deliver sperm with the right momentum to swim up the birth canal. Those whose urethrae are not well placed leave their sperm deposited in locations that instead frustrate their swimming efforts towards the tube where the female egg is patiently in waiting.

He has Cloudier Semen

Men with high sperm count usually let out cloudier semen, so the most categorical indicator of a fertile man is one whose seminal fluid presents a consistently cloudier and a more viscous state. A viscous semen reduces any possibility of sperm leaks during the long journey through the birth canals to the tube where the egg is waiting for the fastest sperm to hit it and cause fertilization.

His testis is the size of a whole egg yolk

Sperm cells are manufactured in the testis and the bigger they are, the more sperm cells are produced and consequently, the higher the likelihood of causing a woman to conceive. Experts on male reproduction give a cleaner bill of health on testis sizes that are approximately the size of a whole egg yolk. A smaller testis means reduced sperm production.

Given these tell signs, married men who are taking too long to have babies with their wives need not jump into the fray of the blame game before they have carried out a thorough investigation. The fact that men are responsible for 40% of fertility problems, however, does not exonerate infertile women completely because, whatever the case, they are still responsible for 60% of the fertility problems.

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