Flipper Teeth: Veneers Alternative

Dental veneers are costly and require the teeth to be shaved leaving the teeth permanently compromised. Flipper teeth can fit over the natural teeth. These plastic false teeth are made to look natural. Dental flippers are cheap veneers alternatives.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain overlays for the teeth. They  can hide imperfections such as stained, uneven, or chipped teeth. In order to get dental veneers, teeth must be prepared by shaving down part of the teeth. Due to the cost of veneers and the uneasiness about losing part of the teeth to get them, many people look for an affordable veneers alternative.

After people have their teeth shaved for veneers, they are committed to always needing veneers. Though some of the newest versions of dental veneers do not require as much of the teeth to be removed, the teeth can still be left sensitive and unsightly after shaving.

Though many dental patients get veneers and never have any issues with them, dental veneer failure is not a rarity. The veneers can fit poorly, chip, fall off, or crack. The color and finish of the veneers may look unnatural. If the veneers are not properly designed and bonded to the teeth, replacing veneers poses a significant challenge for a restorative dentist.

Veneers can cost several thousand dollars. Because dental veneers are purely cosmetic and not necessary for dental health, many insurance companies will not pay any of the cost. Therefore, many people cannot afford to pay for dental veneers. Some cosmetic dentist practices offer a payment plan to help their patients be able to afford such procedures.

A cheap veneers alternative is flipper teeth. The flipper teeth are false teeth that fit over the person’s natural teeth. In addition to the considerably cheaper cost, an advantage of flipper teeth is that they can be used to hide missing teeth as well as cover stains and other problems.

Models of flipper teeth may fit over the teeth or fit in the mouth like a partial denture if used only to hide missing teeth. To make flipper teeth, the dentist makes a mold of the mouth which is sent to the dental lab. The flipper is created to fit the patient’s teeth and sent back to the dentist.

Flipper teeth kits are sold directly to the public. The kit includes the products necessary for the customer to make a mold of the mouth. This mold is sent to the company where they make the flipper teeth and send them to the customer.

A flipper teeth kit may be for the type of flipper that fits over the natural teeth or the kind that fits like a partial denture for missing teeth. The customers should read the product details to ensure they are buying the type of flipper teeth that they want.

The flipper teeth are used by children in the entertainment industry and modeling in order to hide missing baby teeth. Flipper teeth also are used as cheap dentures for people who can’t afford regular dentures or are saving money for dental implants. The flipper teeth are a cheap solution to improve people’s confidence in their smiles.

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