Flipper What is It?


Flipper What Is It? A flipper or RPD Removable Partial Denture is a type of partial denture. The flipper is a nickname for the denture. This is the less expensive of the partial dentures. But even these type can be a couple hundred dollars. One difference between a flipper and a regular partial denture is that a flipper has metal clasps that will normally go in between at least two of your teeth.

The flipper is normally made of acrylic. The best advantage to this type of partial is that you can add teeth to the flipper if they fall out or have to be pulled. The flipper is normally considered a temporary solution to your missing teeth but some are able to wear them for years. Some will wear them only while they are waiting for their mouth to heal and be ready for a dental implant.

Some of the problems with the flipper are: they can break easy especially ones that are made for lower teeth but can also happen with the uppers too, they can feel bulky in your mouth, when you wear them you have a lisp, then can rub against your gums at certain spots and make your gums sore and you can not normally eat with them in your mouth.

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  1. nice share..:)

  2. we need to aware of the problems of flipper. nice share. thanks

  3. I never heard of this. Thank you so much for writing this article!

  4. Dentists should banned flippers used by little girls in pageants! It’s not safe for the little ones, even their parents are very stupid to buy it, they should just ban it!

  5. Thanks for posting this article about partial dentures. My SO needs dentures badly and this might be an affordable solution, now that I know what to ask for.

  6. Good info. Thank you.

  7. There are definitely some serious problems about flippers. MissLindsie says right thing, parents should be alarmed about these facts.

  8. I did not even though that children were using them. I wrote the article for adults that are missing teeth.

  9. Well Dreamy, my friend, if you look at pageants on websites or on tv, parents, especially mothers, confess that their precious little angels wear them. Those horrible women force their young daughters to wear them in pageants, because they see their teeth not fine, although they are or even if they see their teeth crooked and they are too lazy to get them fixed.

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  11. useful information , i hope not to use this flipper :)

  12. Had no idea what a flipper is and glad I do not need this item…

  13. wow! children wearing flipper, that’s news to me: great share…thanks for the info

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  16. its new thing i am hearing about flipper!

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