Floating Beds: An Innovative Invention That Substantially Improves Your Health and Sleep Quality

Rejuvenate your body, enjoy the best sleep of your life, reduce stress levels and so much more.

Innovative, fresh new ideas that can promote health and well being is always a topic I’m ready to learn more about. About a year ago, I was surfing the internet and discovered an interesting innovative invention - floating beds!


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What is a floating bed?

As the picture above illustrates, a floating bed, unlike the standard bed that rests on the floor, is a unique piece of furniture that actually attaches to your ceiling. Because of its unique structure, it creates a natural pendulum, rocking motion that is similar to the “floating” feeling we experienced in our mother’s womb or from her arms as she rocked us as newborn babies. This weightless motion created a sense of deep relaxation at the earliest stages of our life and still acts in a similar fashion to any person who sleeps in a floating bed.

The benefits don’t stop there.

Quite nicely, the floating bed has also been found to improve one’s circulatory, limbic, other biological systems.

How is this possible?

In order for the body to reject toxins, the body requires motion. We have all heard stories about people who  became bed ridden and suddenly suffered serious and rapid health problems. The body needs motion in order to live. For those with severe incapacitating illnesses, floating beds can both eliminate the inability to move and help promote timely recovery. It’s definitely a miraculous invention.

Furthermore, the rocking motion works to naturally decrease swelling symptoms throughout the body. The reduction of swelling allows the body to heal properly. The motion also promotes healthy circulation refreshing your cells with new revitalizing nutrients.


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Long-term benefits

As studies have shown, the rocking motion of floating beds creates long-term stress reduction and improvement of sleeping states. It also consistently eliminates morning stiffness increasing your overall state of well-being from the very beginning of your day.  You actually wake up feeling refreshed!

Do you suffer from motion sickness?

For some reason, studies have also shown that the rocking motion of floating beds curiously cures motion sickness. Because motion sickness is more commonly found in adults, one theory postulates that with time adults experience less and less rocking motion, while children’s systems are still benefiting from infantile rocking. When a person continues to experience nature’s ingenious movement their body appreciatively responds with an overall improvement in health.

Who would’ve thought you could actually ”rock a bye baby” to your health!

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  1. Wow, maybe I need one of those beds, have not had a good nights sleep in years.

  2. That sounds wonderful. I have always enjoyed rocking and have a rocking chair which always relaxes me. I would be a bit worried about the stress on the ceiling or whatever it hangs from. It would have to be very strong. I enjoyed the article.


  3. Those beds look attractive! It must be an enjoyable night with a good deep sleep. Great info as usual!

  4. Wow! Those are too cool! I wish I had some place to put one that wouldn’t collapse my ceiling. :)

  5. I sleep well most times, i love beds anyway :)

  6. I could enjoy a good night sleep. I don’t know if I would be able to get out of this one. I love the idea though. Great article.

  7. Looks very comfy….I’m not a good sleeper at the best of times these days. Interesting.

  8. Looks very comfortable, and anything that promotes healthy living is a plus,
    Great article, Thanks for sharing this!

  9. What a marvelous idea. Great informative article.

  10. I saw the Asian style of floating bed last year….very cool.

  11. Two problems with me on this bed:
    a) I get dizzy
    b) Doesn’t look stable enough to jump up and down on it!

  12. very tempting :)

  13. a very cool place to rest and sleep. We do have quite a similar floating bed in our country, We call it “duyan”..

  14. nice one,it is truly relaxing to sleep in a floating bed

  15. Great post!..that was wonderful and very helpful piece..well written and very attractive piece. I liked it..Thnx for sharing ythis great work

  16. Nicely presented and the pics are inviting. TX

  17. I would love a floating bed. It sounds wonderful to me.

  18. This one awesome idea, ideal for home relaxation.

  19. Sounds out of this world sleep quaranteed. Love this. Are these expensive?

  20. That looks like a great bed. Very comfortable.

  21. Really nice floating beds.

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