Foods to Help Rid The Body of Parasites

Parasites can make a person feel very sick. I will list some foods that can be used to fight parasites.

   There are foods on the market that will help the body fight off parasites.  Humans can get parasites from eating undercooked meat, through the water, or even through contaminated soil.  Most people are embarrassed by the thought.  If you think that you may have contracted a parasite, there are foods that you can eat to help get rid of these nasty creatures.

    1.  Yogurt- yogurt contains acidophilus that helps fight off bad bacteria and parasites.  Eat a yogurt cup a day for optimum health.

    2.  Green tea- green tea contains antioxidants and flavanoids that help fight radicals ( bad germs in the blood)

    3.  Carrots- carrots are a natural vegetable that kills worms inside a person.  Scientists are not sure why, but this is known to be the case.

    4.  Coconut- coconut has a chemical in it that helps the body get rid of parasites.

    5.  Ginger- ginger has anti-parasitic properties to it

    6. Garlic- garlic is a natural antibiotic that helps get rid of parasites

    7. Honey- honey is another natural antibiotic to rid the body of harmful bugs

    8.  Oregano- this herb kills parasites.

   9.  Onions help the body get rid of parasites

   10. Pumpkin is a natural dewormer.

   11.  Papaya juice helps the body get rid of parasites

   12. Peppermint helps the body get rid of some parasites

   13.  Rhubarb can be used as a laxative to get rid of intestinal parasites

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