Forgetfulness: Tips for Better Memory

It is not uncommon for people to forget names, phone numbers and important dates. Simple forgetfulness is curable and has no bearing on Alzheimer.

Memory lapses are not Alzheimer’s disease. There is no reason to worry when you forget names and dates or how to spell simple words.  Memory lapses are part of life, and as long as you perform your daily routine efficiently, forgetfulness shouldn’t necessarily cause you any anxiety.   Don’t be hard on yourself, just because you’re getting older.  In most instances, you could resort to certain mental devices that could help you remember what you’ve forgotten, such as the name of the battle in which Napoleon was defeated.  You might say that it is right on the tip of your tongue but it’s stuck there. Try to remember the names and events surrounding Napoleon, such as ”Josephine,” or ”France,” names that are connected to that which you can’t remember, eventually coaxing the name, “Waterloo,” out of your memory. Connection is the key word that could get you on the exact pathway. The following tips could come handy in the way of remembering:

1)  Make lists:  Jot down on paper what you need to remember.  Each time you forget that name or word, refer to the list, until it gets impressed on your memory, so that the next time, it could be summoned without any difficulty.

2)  Think of faces:  It is not uncommon to forget names of people.  Here is where you are put to the test of learning to connect.  You are already familiar with the face; visualize the nose, or any other characteristic that stands out in your memory. By so doing, the name could suddenly pop out from where it has been hiding.

3)   Markers:  Certain events in which you were once involved might get disconnected from their dates on which they occurred.  Think of markers or cues connected therewith, such as who you might have dated at the time, or you might have seen a certain movie at the same time that particular event had occurred.

4)    Read: There might also be a reason why you keep forgetting certain words:  You might be neglecting the importance of reading.  Reading from time to time, helps store an enormous vocabulary in your memory, which you could pull out at any moment. When you are unable to find the right word, there is a possibility that your vocabulary might be rusty.

5)    Give yourself a quiz:   Put yourself to a practice test from time to time.  Keep repeating the names and words that haven’t slipped out of your memory, in order to insure that they remain intact.

6)     Maintain calmness:  Study has shown that in most cases, stress and anxiety could disrupt memory performance.

7)      Booze and drugs:  Alcohol and drugs, as well as diet pills, could contribute to forgetfulness.

In conclusion,  in order to help your memory get sharper, take your vitamins zealously, eat the right foods, get enough sleep, and abstain from consuming alcohol.  


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