Four Reasons to Sleep Naked

Is sleeping naked Taboo? While some people think sleeping naked is completely absurd, others actually find quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. I have to admit, when I was first presented with the idea I did not like the sound of it at all and actually refused to.

After some additional thought I decided to give it a try to see what I thought. After all, you can’t diss something if you have never tried it right? Well at first I felt really awkward and wanted to put some clothes back on, a t-shirt at least. But I decided to keep at it and really give it a try, at least for one week. Well, it has been about four years now and I have been sleeping naked ever since. Would I go back? Sure, when it is really cold out I might put a loose sweater on but honestly, I do sleep naked most of the time. Now that it has been a while I am reflecting on the reasons I sleep naked and how I have honestly grown in the process. I have come up with four reasons that have been reflected in my life from simply sleeping naked.

1. Self Confidence

Lets be honest. How many of us are actually comfortable with our bodies? Um…anybody? I honestly don’t think many of us are real comfortable or confident with our bodies. We don’t like to look at ourselves in the mirror, or certainly not while we are naked! When you force yourself to get into the habit of sleeping naked you start to become more confident with your body and even walking around naked. I know when I had my own apartment I still wouldn’t even walk around naked, I needed a towel or  robe to cover up. When I started to sleep naked I slowly became more comfortable in my own skin and owning who I was and what I am. This sets our foundation for my three other reasons.

2. Create a Stronger Bond With Your Partner

Two people in a relationship like to feel connected and comfortable with the other person. If you can walk around naked with your partner in the room that demonstrates the ultimate trust and confidence with the other person. How would you feel if you just had sex with someone but when they went to get up they covered up immediately or tried to shy you away from seeing their body. Probably pretty confused and maybe even a little disrespected. By practicing reason number one, maybe they would have not felt so ashamed to walk around exposing all.

3. Actually Sleep While You Sleep

How many times do you wake up from a twisted shirt or a tight collar around your neck? Obviously sleeping naked you would not have those problems. But beyond that because you are not squirming around in your covers and additional clothes, you can actually relax into a deeper sleep without interruptions. I started to realize this once I got over my initial fear of sleeping naked. While in the beginning  stages of my change of habit I did not get much more sleep, maybe even less. But now that I am comfortable naked I do sleep so much better. But what is even better is when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I don’t have to hassle with all my clothes!

4. Intimacy

To me there is nothing more intimate than cuddling up with my hubby in bed naked. We are so much closer and intimate when we are both naked. The thought that I am rubbing up on his naked body skin on skin puts me in the mood that much more. It is actually said that people who sleep naked with their partners have sex or make love more often.

So now that you have read my reasons what are your thoughts on sleeping naked? Do you think it is worth giving it a try or is it in your wildest dreams, much like it was for me four years ago…

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  1. thanks…i got to try this again…been a few years.

  2. I slepp naked all the time!! it feels great

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