Fresh Milk vs. Milk Powder

Milk is one of the most used food products of all time. Milk comes in many different forms. There forms are called dairy products. Out of these, Fresh milk and Milk powder take a prominent place. Here, we compare the different advantages and disadvantages of fresh milk and milk powder so that you can arrive at your own conclusion, and choose what is healthier.


Production of Milk

Milk is mostly obtained from cows, sheep, goats etc, but it can be obtained from all mammals. Milk can be produced domestically as well as commercially. Some commercial milk producers even use machines to milk cows. Cow’s milk is the most consumed form of milk. Normal milk shou

ld be white. Milk has even been added various additives to make chocolate, vanilla, strawberry milk etc.

Nutrients in Milk

There are many nutrients in milk. Milk is one of the most healthy goods that can be consumed. Here are some of the nutritional values of Cow’s milk. (Obtained from

3.4% protein

3.6% fat

4.6% lactose

0.7% minerals

Uses of Milk

Milk is most commonly used for drinking, but there are some other uses of it too..

  • The Calcium present in milk can make your bones stronger.
  • Milk is used to produce many dairy products such as cheese, curd, butter, yoghurt, ice cream, choclate etc.
  • Is an important ingredient in many recipes seen today.
  • Has most of the nutrients needed in day to day life.

Fresh Milk

What is Fresh Milk?

Fresh Milk is milk that is obtained straight from the cow or any other mammal. It is unpasteurizied and non homogenized. Nothing is taken out, nor added. Fresh Milk can also be called Raw Milk. No alteration is made to the milk.

Legal Status of Fresh Milk

Due to fresh milk, which is obtained from mammals never being heated, the bacteria and pathogens inside the milk are not destroyed. Bacteria infected milk can cause many diseases. This is why completely raw or fresh milk is illegal to sell or produce in many parts of the world. The counter this, fresh milk is done under the the process of pasteurization, which is heating the milk and rapidly cooling it. This destroys most of the harmful bacteria and pathogens inside the milk.

Advantages of Fresh Milk

  • Fresh Milk is very healthy.
  • Can be consumed directly, without adding anything
  • More nutritious than powdered milk
  • It is the easiest form of milk to obtain.


Disadvantages of Fresh Milk

  • Since many bacteria live in fresh milk, the milk will be spoilt very quickly.
  • Expensive when compares with milk powder
  • If spilt, the objects near the milk will also be harmed
  • Completely raw milk can be very unhealthy.

Completely Raw Milk is very difficult to find. Therefore, the closest thing to raw milk that you can use is pasteurized milk. The many diary products that are made using milk are also pasteurized to prevent diseases.

Milk Powder

What is Milk Powder?

Milk Powder is a dairy product which is made by evaporating milk into dryness. Milk powder, or dried milk was invented by a Russian Chemist called M.Dirchoff . Nowadays, milk powder is produced by using a method called “spray drying”.

Process of Spray Drying

The Milk is first concentrated in at evaporating until it is mostly solid. Then, this concentrated milk is sprayed into a heated chamber where the water inside the milk evaporates. After the evaporation, you are left with some fine solid particles. This is milk powder. Two other methods of producing milk powder is “drum drying” and “freeze drying”.

Advantages of Milk Powder

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has a long shelf life (doesn’t spoil easily)
  • Doesn’t require refridgeration
  • Used to make various recipes where fresh milk would not be suitable.
  • Is produced in many different types such as non fat, skim milk etc.

Disadvantages of Milk Powder

  • The smell and taste of Milk powder is weaker tha fresh milk.
  • Difficult to produce
  • Difficult to find the correct consistency when mixing with water.
  • Exposure to moisture or sunlight will speed up spoiling.
  • Unable to consume if you do not have an access to clean water. (during disaster relief situations)

Under this text, you will see a table which has compared the advantages and disadvantages of Fresh Milk and Milk Powder under 6 categories,

The Type of Milk which has an advantage in a particular category has been highlighted in green.

Below this graph, there will be an analysis and a conclusion has been given.

Scroll Down to find out.

Final Results…

Fresh Milk has the advantage is 3 categories. Production, Health and Consumption.

Powdered Milk has the advantage in 3 categories. Life, Versatility and Uses.

Now, you should be able to decide the healthier, better choice for your needs.

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  1. Good article! I think each type of milk has its place in the kitchen or on the dining table. It just depends on what you’re needs are. Thanks for the intro and comparison.

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