Gamot Sa Ubo

Things to do to avoid cough and Ubo home treatment.

Gamot sa Ubo

The Word “Ubo” is a Filipino word for Cough. There are numbers of Filipino People searching for Cough remedy online or the keyword Ano Gamot sa Ubo.

Gamot sa Ubo

Common illness during summer of  Filipinos are cough and cold. Assuming that it is not so dangerous, But some just ignored it. Unknown to our knowledge, the cough and cold it can be the beginning of the sickness that if not immediately treated immediately will likely result to some serious illness.

Here are some ways to avoid having to cough and cold.

Water - Water Therapy is one of the best way to fight cough it drains the dry cough. Even Doctor will recommend you to drink at least 10 glasses a day of water.

Citrus fruits

Eating fruits rich in vitamin C will greatly contribute to the rapid development of the phlegm. Drinking orange juice or tomato are also effective for colds and fever.

Oregano - Drinking Oregano leaves have its advantages. Get 15 pieces of leaves, boil them in two glasses of water, cool and then drink. You will notice after just a few minutes would appear that the phlegm subsides

Drink lots of water and other fluids. Rest and get enough sleep. Take some vitamins, especially vitamin C.

You can also drink Bisolvon or Solmox but if symptoms persist consult your doctor.

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