Gender Reassignment Surgery – What Happens

If you’re considering gender reassignment surgery, here’s what should happen, from calling the doctor to living happily ever after. Sexual Reassignment Surgery is more truthfully a series of surgeries.

The single biggest change a human being can experience is a change of one’s sexual identity. By the time someone checks into having gender reassignment surgery most likely has lived for some time as the opposite sex already. It isn’t something anyone takes lightly, and certainly not the doctors.

This article will explain what entails an SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) from the estimate of cost to the last and final surgery. One thing that surgery will not do is change the person’s mannerisms or gestures. Those come with personality and years of practice, and will not ‘happen’ to someone who’s had the surgeries. Gender roles will have to be voluntarily lived.

It isn’t cheap. It depends on going from male to female (the least expensive) or going from female to male (the most expensive), and a myriad of variables the doctor will tell you about. The usual cost is from $7,000 to $50,000.

Gender Reassignment Happens for Two Main Reasons

Gender reassignment Surgery (GRS) is actually a series of surgeries that change a person’s genitals from one sex to the other permanently. There are two main reasons for having these surgeries.

Babies born with genital deformities are often repair and assigned very early in life, and they are mostly assigned to be female, unless the  male genitalia is pronounced and longer than one inch. 

There are people of both sexes that believe without a doubt that they were born into the wrong body – the wrong sex, or they have gender identity disorder. In both scenarios the successful conversion to female is the norm. Doctors figure that whichever sex their chromosomes dictate, they are most likely to be well adjusted emotionally and socially as females. 

MTF Surgery and FTM Surgery Success

Going from male to female genitalia dictates that the penis be removed and tissue left is reshaped to appear more female, even constructing a vagina. A vagina is successfully made via skin grafts and/or an isolated loop of intestine that poses as the vaginal canal. After the surgeries hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, the body will naturally develop breasts and a more feminine body shape.

Going from female to male isn’t always as successful due to the implementation of a man-made penis from much less genital tissue on the female. The breasts also need surgery to look more male.

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