Granny Advice: Do Not Eat in The Dark

In childhood days, if the power goes off while we eat, we continue eating claiming that “the hand knows where the mouth is!” Sounded logical, but our grandmother and parents always advised against it, though they did not give acceptable reasons. Here are a few reasons behind this saying.

  • It is indeed true that anybody with good brain-arm synchronization can eat even in pitch dark, as the hand knows where the mouth is. But that is not the point.
  • In earlier days, especially in villages, there used to be many insects running in the rooms. Some places even had snakes, spiders and scorpions. These insects seek dark warm places to hide in case of danger. Some of them hide in such locations.
  • Now come back to the plate. Normally, food is served hot or warm. So, the plate is an ideal spot for these critters to hide. Some even bump into the plate.
  • Therefore, while picking food, there are chances to get bitten by these poisonous neighbors.
  • Another point is that the cockroaches or ants venture into the food, especially if it is dark. When light is available, we would eliminate them before filling the mouth. However, this would not be possible in the absence of light.
  • If you have a pet dog or a cat, and you are eating a dish that both like, in the dark, you both may be unknowingly sharing the same plate.
  • Moreover, all dieticians and those in diet keep reemphasizing on watching what you eat, in terms or quality and quantity.
  • Therefore, it is always good to eat while there is light.
  • For those who love candle-light dinners. In the season where the swarm of flying ants or fireflies decides to leave their lair, they get distracted by the candle light and can fall in the food. So, either choose a good restaurant with enough protection or choose a better lit room, which lights far away from food vessels.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for educative and cautioning purpose and not to create disgust :)

Bon Appétit

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  1. :) Nice

  2. This is well thought out and very true.

  3. True points

  4. hahaha,,,it\’s really true that Philippine and Indian culture are truly closely related…

  5. Very good tips.

  6. interesting article

  7. I always eat with lights on,specially when I’m eating fish :-) I like to see what I put in my mouth and don’t want to swallow something that would get lodged painfully in my throat.

  8. Always make sure the lights are on while you eat, because you may not even know, you could end up biting a finger or two. That would hurt. Great write Raj. Keep them coming. Well done. :) Keep up with the great work. Keep on penning. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful and creative talents with us. We truly appreciate it.

    *S* Cynthia

  9. Nice Share.

  10. $ good share $

  11. This was interesting to read. I never would have thought of that, and probably would have kept eating. Too bad about the candle light dinners though, I love those. Ah well, I guess it’s better to eat with a lot of light than to eat flies…

  12. Great write. We certainly need to be careful.

  13. Hi I loved this article so much I felt a supreme desire to share it on Twitter and facebook so thank you for writing this article!

  14. Thanks friends

  15. Oh yes yes that’s very true. I’m a Chinese and believe in that, we practice it everyday. My dad says that bad things can disturb u eating in the dark while in the bright, it’s always jovial.

  16. Very true cheese. Cheers

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