Growth Inhibitors Sperm Pills Found

U.S. researchers have discovered a compound that can be a tool for male contraception: pills inhibiting the growth of sperm. Interestingly, this pill does not affect hormones or male sexual arousal.

Illustration of Sperm.

However, the pill is merely a brief experiment in male rats in the laboratory. When male rats were given these drugs, they produce less sperm and less active. The pill was originally tested for cancer research, but later foundthe efficacy of the other team.

“There was no effect on rat passion,” said Dr. James Bradner of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who wrote this study in the journal Cell on Thursday, August 16, 2012 and re-Reuters reported.

However, despite the desire not to decline, the opposite properties. When the pill was discontinued, the mice could produce healthy offspring, without any side effects.

The scientists said the research is interesting because it generates a unique approach to male contraception, which is currently dependent on less reliable methods such as condomsor a vasectomy as a permanent procedure.

The team is experimenting with the compound previously called JQ1, which synthesized in the laboratory to in hibit BRD4, a cancer-causing genes. However, the research actually found these compounds to attack a protein called BRDT that instructs the sperm to mature.

These compounds do not damage the sperm-making cells, but make BRDT forget how to make sperm mature when it is under the control of these drugs.

As a result, male rats were still produce sperm, but much less. And sperm produced was a poor swimmer. “When the drug is withdrawn, the instruction back to normal,” says Bradner.

The discovery of this phenomenon, because other teams are limited to developing new hormonal pills are also effective, but interfere with male hormonal balance. And the drug companies so far have not been using this medication.

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