Hasawa 1974

About act Hasawa.


This parliamentary act HASAWA 1974 refers to the legislation, which delineates the occupational health, safety and welfare within the United Kingdom. This act explains the responsibilities of employers towards their employees,   towards each other and contractures at work place, and their general duties for the sake of protection against risk to their health and to prevent the unlawful acquisition. This act also regulates the possession and usage of dangerous substances, and their emission in the society. This act determines that every employer having more than five employees must maintain a written statement regarding health and safety at workplace, and the arrangements for carrying out that polices.

 The  act Hasawa 1974, outlines the general  responsibilities of employers as to provide and maintain the system at their work place that are safe, devoid of risk to the health of employees .To ensure such arrangements which are safe regarding the usage , handling , storage and transportation of substances. It is also the sole responsibility of the employer to provide the information , instructions and  training about the  occupational health and safety of   employees  at work .Employer has to provide a work  environment that is safe and without any risk to health, also provide facilities and benefits for their employees.(Lewis et al ,pp 110,2004)

It also explains the duties of employees are to take care for health and safety of   himself and other persons as well at the work place and to make necessary co-operation with employers to enable them perform their duties or requirements. (Hardy et al, pp 118, 2006)

 HASAWA 1974 also explains the duties of the persons having control of the premises of workplace, their duties towards substances used at work, duties of manufacturers and the duties of persons in general.



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