Have You Lost Your Smell? You Might Die ..

A reduction in smell acuity at an older age is an indicator of an impending deaths, according to a study by U.S. researchers.

If when you are young, or whole life, you have a highly developed sense of smell may be considered a pretty normal, but when, suddenly and at an advanced age, no longer detect any odor that- I felt on a daily basis, is a sign that you will die. It is the conclusion of the study conducted by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, United States, which in the opinion of a person, fails to identify as many odors, even more lives.

To reach such conclusions, U.S. researchers examined more than 1,000 volunteers, aged between 53 and 100 years, which were tested 12 different flavors. A test for each type of smell, all quite familiar, such as lemon, black pepper, chocolate and cinnamon, in which the participant had four options, as explained doctor Robert Wilson in an article published in “Daily Mail” .

All study participants in good health and without Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, while researchers were followed by four years, during which 321 people died, that is about 27% of them. It turned out that 36% of those who died were those that supplied the correct answers only 6 to 12 tests of odor identification. A correlation was also present when taking into account other risk factors, including depression, various disabilities, cerebral dysfunction.

“Our results indicate that the difficulty in identifying familiar odors at an older age is associated with an increased risk of death,” said Wilson. The researcher did not specify, however, and if the dead were in the category aged 50 years or 100. Also, do not even know why they killed all 320 people: all this is the same disease or different diseases?

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