Health Benefits of Beet Juice

Latest health research shows that, Beet juice is helping athletes by enhance the body energy level in a short time.

Beet juice increases endurance rights, forcing muscles to save energy. It is also found that athletes who drink beet juice, less tired from physical exertion and duration of sessions can be increased by 16%. The most noticeable effects from the juice of this vegetable are achieved with regular training.

Now experts managed to understand how to get more health benefits of beet. To do this, researchers selected seven healthy men and asked them to perform a series of exercises with leg extension in the knees. The measured level of physical exertion of the subjects and performed an MRI scan which allowed them to observe what happens to the muscles. The test was in two stages: first, the men doing the exercises, after drinking beet juice, after a while on second stage, the juice was used instead of a placebo beverage.

It was found that after drinking the beet juice it doubles the number of specific nitrate in the blood and reduced the rate of main source of energy use by the muscles. As a result, the muscles of the subjects worked more efficiently and absorb less oxygen.

The benefits of beet juice are interested in the world of professional sports. The results of the second work should make us even more attention to athletes.

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